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Fan finds infinite combo in MTG Lord of the Rings

MTG Lord of the Rings has a neat infinite combo that generates unlimited mana - though it's a bit of a faff to pull this trick off.

MTG Lord of the Rings art showing Saruman calling down magical meteors.

There’s a new infinite combo to try out in Magic: The Gathering. This one only uses cards from the MTG Lord of the Rings set, so if you’re lucky it can be pulled off during your next MTG draft match. Discovered by Reddit user BatBennis, this infinite combo uses three cards to produce an unlimited amount of mana (and to convert that to winning the game).

The three cards you need for this (probably unwise) strategy are Wose Pathfinder, Ioreth of the Healing House, and Storm of Saruman. Oh and you also need a way to trigger The Ring Tempts You to make the whole thing work.

Step Instruction
Step One Make Wose Pathfinder your Ringbearer so it becomes legendary.
Step Two Play Storm of Saruman and Ioreth (as your second spell), to create a copy of her.
Step Three Tap Wose for mana, Tap Ioreth to untap her, Tap Wose again.
Step Four Use your second copy of Ioreth to untap the first copy and the Wose Pathfinder
Step Five Repeat steps three and four for infinite mana.

What are you going to do with all that mana? Well, you can do whatever you want with it, but one good strategy Reddit came up with is to pour it all into Wose Pathfinder’s second ability (untapping her using the Ioreths, as before. Then you can give your entire board unlimited power and toughness, as well as trample. It shouldn’t be hard to win after that.

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