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MTG Lord of the Rings reveals 24 new cards that form huge artworks

MTG Lord of the Rings features several collages formed from numerous cards - revealed today in the latest batch of Magic LOTR spoilers.

MTG Lord of the Rings - a part with hobbits listening in awe to Bilbo Baggins

MTG Lord of the Rings features numerous ‘scene cards’, vast collages made up of numerous Magic cards stuck together. Now, among an onslaught of spoilers that’s left us reeling, we’ve seen 28 of these cards, and the pictures that they form.

First off, there’s the big one – the ultimate Lord of the Rings Battle for Pelennor Fields. This features creatures (both legendary and regular), sorceries, lands and more, with everything from Minas-Tirith to Legolas, Master Archer. It’s a huge piece with 18 new cards to pour over. Check out Minas Tirith, a white land that draws cards; and the Azorius human soldier lord Prince Imrahil the Fair.

Then there’s Bilbo’s birthday party, made up of six whimsical Shire cards, showing Gandalf entertaining the hobbits with magical fireworks. Though the likes of Bilbo, Retired Burglar and Gandalf, Friend of the Shire grace the scene, powerful mana dork Delighted Halfling is likely the sleeper hit here.

And finally, there’s four cards that form a picture of the dramatic confrontation at Mount Doom. These are four cards we’ve already seen, but we’re including it again here for completion’s sake.

MTG Lord of the Rings - MTG card collage

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