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MTG Thunder Junction has a deadly removal spell featuring cows

Outlaws of Thunder Junction features a busted white removal spell, likely to see play in EDH decks for years - and it's a cow-based pun.

MTG card art showing a perrson being supernaturally smited by an Ox

MTG Thunder Junction spoiler season is a go, and already we’ve seen plenty of wicked villains wearing cowboy hats, and lots of cards referencing Western tropes. But one of the most powerful cards we’ve seen at this early stage is also one of the silliest. The upcoming set has introduced a card – which judging by its power level, may well become a new EDH staple – with the name ‘Bovine Intervention’.

This MTG card is a two mana white removal spell that can destroy artifacts or creatures at instant speed. Its controller then gets to make a 2/2 Ox creature token, which will presumably be much worse than whatever you destroyed.

The MTG Thunder Junction card Bovine Intervention

That’s pretty fantastic! It’s comparable to Generous Gift, a card played in untold thousands of MTG Commander decks. The downside is that you can’t hit all permanent types, but the upside – a less dangerous token and a lower mana cost – is significant. This removal piece is also comparable to blue versions like Pongify or Rapid Hybridization.

Why is cow-based divine retribution being dished out? We’re not sure, but it must have something to do with the other bovine card in the set, the equally punny Holy Cow.

This Ox Angel (I’ll take MTG creature types I never expected for 500, Alex) looks a bit like the Inspiring Overseer of Outlaws of Thunder Junction, except it scrys and gains extra life instead of drawing a card. So probably a little worse, upon reflection.

The MTG Thunder Junction card Holy Cow

The creature card also has Flash, able to come in and pick off a 1/1. Holy Cow certainly has nothing like Bovine Intervention’s potential, but we’d be truly shocked if it wasn’t one of the best white common cards for MTG Drafts with this set.

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