MTG Streets of New Capenna has box toppers for every region

The new Magic The Gathering Streets of New Capenna set will include region-specific Box Topper cards for the April 29 release date.

Magic The Gathering Streets of New Capenna booster toppers on blue background

Set for April 29, the Streets of New Capenna release date draws ever closer. In attempts to really tantalise our TCG taste buds, the Magic: The Gathering team has been feeding us Streets of New Capenna spoilers like canapes – with even more arriving in a Twitch stream on Thursday.

Included in this recent announcement was a brand new approach to Box Toppers – for the first time, the foil MTG cards that you see on top of booster boxes will have art that’s unique to the region of the world you live in.

According to a Wizards Play Network article, “every Magic: The Gathering language will receive Box Toppers with unique art designed to suit each region’s golden age”. Each region will still receive the same card, but “the art and language of the card will match the language of the display purchased.” This means you can always expect to pick up Gala Greeters, a green 1/1 Elf Druid Creature, but the outfits and locales you find them in will be unique.

You can pick up one of these Box Toppers in three different products: set, draft, and collector booster displays. While the Box Topper version of Gala Greeters changes from region to region, the non-foil booster version of the card has a different but universal illustration that will remain the same in every language.

Of course, the top cards of the Streets of New Capenna boosters are quite literally just the icing on the cake. Other MTG spoilers from Thursday’s stream include Metropolis-themed full-art basic lands, nine cards with alternative, art-deco-style art, and five three-colour legendary creatures from the infamous but influential families of New Capenna. That’s just scratching the surface of the Streets of New Capenna spoilers though – be sure to check out our Streets of New Capenna release guide to keep up with the cards.

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