Streets of New Capenna release date, spoilers, mechanics, and everything we know

The second MTG 2022 set release will be Streets of New Capenna. This is everything we know about the upcoming expansion.

MTG Streets of New Capenna a demon Pllaneswalker dressed in armour

Streets of New Capenna will be the second Standard Magic: The Gathering set release of 2022. Set in a new location, in an as-yet-undisclosed plane, it will sweep us to the gritty alleyways and glamorous locales of the titular metropolis. In a far cry from the usual MTG fantasy themes, expect to see lots of art deco architecture, film noir aesthetics, and a fair few celestial beings.

As you’d imagine, few specifics have been released so far, and we’re a long way off from hearing the major details about Streets of New Capenna. Right now, though, we know it’s set in a city that was built by angels but has fallen to the grip of five demon crime families battling for street supremacy. The Planeswalker Elspeth Tirel has some special interest in the city, too, while the demon Ob Nixilis looks to be tied up with the gangsters.

We’ve rounded up everything there is to know about Streets of New Capenna. If you’ve already walked the city’s avenues and are after a broader overview of the coming year, read our guide to the MTG 2022 release schedule, or check out everything we know about Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. But if you’re new to town, prepare yourself for a life of crime.

Streets of New Capenna release date

As announced in the Magic Showcase 2021 livestream earlier this year, Streets of New Capenna will be released in the second quarter of 2022. So, that’s April, May, or June next year.

We haven’t got any more specific details just yet, but we can likely expect the usual schedule: a MTG Arena release a week before the set comes to tabletop, a week of prerelease events before that, and a few weeks of card previews in the run-up.

MTG Streets of New Capenna a mage casting a spell from his hands

Streets of New Capenna spoilers

Streets of New Capenna’s spoiler season hasn’t started yet, nor has Wizards released any card previews to whet our appetite. As soon as the spoilers start coming in, you can be sure we’ll post them right here.

The set’s promotional artwork suggests the demon Planeswalker Ob Nixilis has become involved with the crime families of New Capenna, and will be a major face in the release. Alongside that, the city is said to be of special significance to Elspeth Tirel. We might reasonably expect both characters to pop up with new Planeswalker cards.

MTG Streets of New Capenna a demon Pllaneswalker standing over a defeated foe

Streets of New Capenna mechanics

Although no specific mechanics or set features have been revealed, during the Magic Showcase 2021 livestream Wizards did announce some peculiarities of the set. The expansion will exclusively focus on three mana colours, with each of its five crime families featuring its own colour combination and keyword ability.

What those colours are, and what the colour combos of the five families will be, we’re yet to find out, but the three-colour focus might provide for some creative, if directed, new gameplay features.

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