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MTG is compleating even more planeswalkers in Phyrexia

Another Magic: The Gathering planeswalker gets an oily metal makeover, as new art for the trading card game shows a compleated MTG Tibalt

MTG Tibalt compleated fighting Tyvar (art by Wizards of the Coast)

Not satisfied with bumping off the five planeswalkers they already promised to compleat, Magic: The Gathering has shared new art that shows another, different planeswalker transformed by the Phyrexians. An MTG social media post from January 11 shows Innistrad’s half-devil planeswalker Tibalt with a robotic new look.

The MTG Phyrexians are all about melding metal with flesh in new and horrifying ways, and ‘compleating’ living creatures is their way of converting them into something more artificial. The upcoming set, Phyrexia: All Will Be One, brings these biomechanical beasties to centre stage in Magic’s story.

Back in December, MTG also promised the set would see at least five of the major MTG planeswalkers compleated. We just don’t know who it’ll be yet. Vraska, Jace, Kaito, Kaya, Nahiri, Nissa, Tyvar, Lukka, and the Wandering Emperor are all currently on the chopping block. We personally think there are plenty of reasons why Jace should be compleated in Phyrexia, but we’ll have to wait until the Phyrexia: All Will Be One release date to see the results.

MTG Tibalt compleated tweet

There was good reason to suspect Tibalt would succumb to the Phyrexians, as Vorinclex planted some horrible infection inside him back on the plane of Kaldheim. The one question this new art leaves us with is this: what will become of Tyvar? He’s seen in the MTG social post battling Tibalt. This might be a clue that he’ll survive compleation, but it’s also possible this is a fight he’s going to lose.

Phyrexia is fast approaching in the MTG 2023 release schedule (which you can keep up with here at Wargamer). This means it’ll soon be time to update those decklists (or MTG Arena decks, if you prefer to play digitally).