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MTG Phyrexia All Will Be One will have five planeswalker ‘deaths’

Wizards of the Coast has revealed the 10 planeswalkers that’ll appear in MTG Phyrexia: All Will Be One, but says five of them are getting compleated

MTG phyrexia all will be one planeswalker compleation victims

17/01/2023 We’ve added an up to date list showing which planeswalkers are confirmed compleated and which are guaranteed safe

There are a whopping 10 planeswalkers in MTG Phyrexia: All Will Be One, with the card type appearing at both Rare and Mythic. However, Wizards says while five shall be their ordinary selves, five of these planeswalkers are getting compleated.

Yes, five beloved MTG planeswalkers will be turned into soulless, robotic nightmare creatures in the next set and Wizards won’t say which ones. But just to tease us really hard, in December 13’s first look livestream, we got to see all 10 planeswalkers that are in the set. We now know who could be on the chopping block, but not what their final fates will be. Those who found Ajani’s compleation tough on the heartstrings, look away now.

The 10 planeswalkers on the platter are: 

  • Vraska
  • Jace
  • Kaito
  • The Wandering Emperor
  • Kaya
  • Nahiri
  • Nissa
  • Tyvar (that elf guy from Kaldheim)
  • Lukka

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that that’s only nine names. That’s because a non-compleated Koth planeswalker card appears in the set, so he is officially safe. Of course, that just reduces the odds for the remaining victims.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Wizards, perhaps taking inspiration from Disney, has released manga-style ‘What If’ artwork, showing what all 10 of these characters would look like compleated. The company says five of these are real designs, and five are imaginary. It’s a speculation goldmine!

Planeswalkers confirmed safe:

Planeswalkers confirmed compleated:

As well as planeswalkers, MTG staff say Phyrexia: All Will Be One will contain “a strong trend” of showing how Mirrodin heroes have been changed by the compleation process. We’ve seen one of those cards, Slobad, Iron Goblin, already. Check him, and all the other spoilers out at our MTG Phyrexia All Will Be One guide. Or, for some creepy art spoilers, take a look at the Junji Ito Elesh Norn card.