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Compleated Jace is coming, more MTG Phyrexia planeswalkers spoiled

Vraska and The Wandering Emperor's planeswalker cards from Phyrexia: All Will Be One have been spoiled, and Jace is next on the chopping block

MTG Phyrexia planeswalkers compleated - A very happy Phyrexian Vraska tormenting Jace

Two more planeswalker cards from MTG Phyrexia: All Will Be One were revealed over the weekend, showing us another compleation victim, and another safe character. But that’s not all. In Saturday’s story article, Inconceivable Losses, Jace gets infected by glistening oil, the first step down the road to becoming a Phyrexian.

Yep, it looks like Magic: The Gathering’s golden boy Jace Beleren could be next up on our compleated planeswalkers list. We previously suggested it was time for Jace to die, but it’s still sad to see MTG’s main character teetering on the brink. (It also makes it far more likely, in our view, that this whole compleation thing is going to be reversible).

(UPDATE: Yep, they did it – here’s Phyrexian Jace.)

Still, in the story it was very silly of him to smooch an already-infected Vraska. And then very silly of Kaya to hand an infected Jace the superweapon on which the whole mission depends. This planeswalker raid is turning into a real comedy of errors.

MTG Phyrexia planeswalkers compleated - planeswalker card Vraska, betrayal's sting

As for the card spoilers we actually saw, Vraska, Betrayal’s Sting can proliferate, turn a creature into a harmless (but still handy) treasure token, and with her ultimate, give a player up to nine poison counters, leaving them close to death.

The Wandering Emperor is on the best MTG planeswalkers to date, and her new card, The Eternal Wanderer, has some interesting abilities. First off, only one creature can attack her each combat, she can also blink creatures out of the battle for a turn, create 2/2s with double strike, and act as a limited boardwipe. The utility of all these abilities is really neat – it seems like a planeswalker you could get value out of in Commander.

MTG Phyrexia planeswalkers compleated - planeswalker card, The Eternal Wanderer

To recap, as far as officially spoiled compleation victims go, that’s Vraska, Lukka, Nahiri, and a surprise Tibalt ticked off, and Jace all but doomed. Just one more to go!