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Jace Beleren: Meet MTG’s main character

Skilled in strategy, mind-reading, and winning you games of Magic: The Gathering, here's everything you need to know about the planeswalker Jace Beleren.

Magic The Gathering Jace Beleren: Jace putting a blue hood up while walking in a huge fantastical city.

Smart, powerful, brooding, and appearing on plenty of busted cards, it’s little wonder that Jace Beleren is one of the most popular MTG planeswalkers around. Though he’s hogged the limelight less often lately, Jace is probably the closest thing to a main character that Magic: The Gathering has got. He’s popped up in tons of sets, merch, and MTG books, and has helped save the multiverse plenty of times.

Jace Beleren’s powers of choice involve mental magics. He’s skilled in casting illusions, reading minds, messing with memories, all that jazz. In Magic: The Gathering, he’s associated with Blue mana, counterspells, milling opponents, and drawing a ton of cards.

Here we’ll fill you in on Jace’s backstory, and the top Jace planeswalker cards he can be found upon. Obviously, Jace the Mind Sculptor is the main one to watch out for – it’s a card so strong it’s basically a meme. With Jace taking a slight backseat in Magic’s story of late, it would not be surprising if many players don’t know much of his origins. Worry not, we’ll fill you in.

Magic The Gathering Jace Beleren: a young man standing on a rusted metal structure.

MTG Jace Beleren lore

Jace Beleren hails from a plane named Vryn, where he was the apprentice to a sphinx named Alhammarret. Vryn was a troubled plane. Lacking in mana, the world relied on giant circular structures called mage rings to channel and harness magic, and the political situation was fraught.

Jace eventually discovered his planeswalking powers when he learned that Alhammarret was the mean, tricksy kind of sphinx, wiping the apprentice’s memory to keep his abilities locked away. Oh, and he was also a war profiteer who deliberately kept Vryn’s factions fighting for his own benefit. After defeating his former master in a mind duel, Jace planeswalked away and ended up on the urban plane of Ravnica.

Jace has since got up to all kinds of hijinks, becoming the living guild pact of Ravnica, responsible for keeping the factions from each other’s throats; leading the fight against the Eldrazi; having a ‘will they, won’t they’ romance with the gorgon Vraska; combatting Nicol Bolas, and so on. He was last seen on the plane of Zendikar, getting into some messy drama with Nissa and Nahiri.

Magic The Gathering Jace Beleren: The planeswalker Jace perfoming mental magic in a dusty attic.

MTG Jace Beleren cards

Magic The Gathering Jace Beleren: The MTG card Jace the Mind Sculptor

Jace the Mind Sculptor

You can learn more about the awesome power of this card in our best planeswalkers guide. Essentially, Jace the Mind Scuptor offers superb flexibility at a very low mana cost.

Magic The Gathering Jace Beleren: The MTG card Jace, Wielder of Mysteries

Jace, Wielder of Mysteries

You’ve gotta love alternative win conditions. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries lets you mill yourself out and win the game. He can also mill your opponents and draw you some cards, but the best use for him is in an irritating combo deck that wants to dump all its cards in the graveyard and win.

Magic The Gathering Jace Beleren: The MTG card Unraveler of Secrets.

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets is about as vanilla as planeswalker cards get. You’ve got a +1 ability that draws you a card. You’ve got removal on a minus ability (in this case, a bounce effect). And you’ve got a splash ‘finisher’ move that will probably win you the game if you’re able to tick up to a high loyalty. However, being bog-standard doesn’t make a card bad – each of these abilities is extremely useful, making this a powerful Jace indeed.