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Magic: The Gathering release schedule 2024

Keep up to date with the latest info on Magic: The Gathering release dates - our guide has all you need on every new MTG set coming out in 2024.

MTG release schedule 2024 - Old Rustein dressed as a cowboy.

Seeking the latest MTG release schedule? Our guide has everything you’re after on the newly revealed upcoming sets. From wild-west showdowns to haunted house horrors, there’s a lot to look forward to next year. We’ll be exploring some new worlds, revisiting some old favorites, and there’s even fresh Universes Beyond and Modern Horizons releases to enjoy.

Below we’ve collected the available Magic: The Gathering release dates and windows for 2024, just as we did with the 2023 MTG release dates. You’ll find the full rundown for the year below, with a quick overview of every new MTG set. And once you what’s coming up in Magic, you can check out some of our other top trading card game guides. For instance, we can help digital card-slingers find MTG Arena codes and the best MTG Arena decks.

Magic the Gathering MTG release schedule 2024 - Ravnica Remastered - Ral Zarek manipulates lightning against a stormy sky

Ravnica Remastered – January 12, 2024

The very first product on the 2024 release schedule came out in January 12, 2024. Ravnica Remastered is a set that celebrates one of Magic’s favorite settings, the metropolitan plane of Ravnica. Like other remastered sets such as Dominaria Remastered and Time Spiral Remastered, this set has a bunch of reprints, so don’t buy packs expecting to see brand new cards.

Reprints from all three Ravnica blocks are featured in this set, and there’s a strong focus on the plane’s iconic guilds. Like Dominaria Remastered, there are cards with retro-style frames, including the coveted shock lands. Now the set is out, you can find a bunch of Ravnica Remastered spoilers here.

Magic the Gathering MTG release schedule 2024 - Murders of Karlov Manor, a selection of six heroes or villains stand in front of a moonlit gothic window

Murders at Karlov Manor – February 9, 2024

Our first premier MTG set of the year, which came out on February 9, 2024, was also Ravnica-related. This time, on our fourth visit to the plane, it was a murder mystery theme. Who was murdered? Well as the Murders at Karlov Manor name suggests, Teysa Karlov was one of the victims, but we won’t spoil the whole story here.

In this set there are tons of sleuthing detectives, hidden identities, and a secret code to unravel; this one’s a really unusual genre for Magic to tackle. Clue tokens are of course a key mechanic, and the new keywords are flavorfully named as well: Disguise, Suspect, and Collect Evidence.

Alongside the set is a strange curiosity, a Magic: The Gathering themed version of Clue. Ravnica: Clue Edition combines “Clue’s timeless crime-solving experience” with “Magic’s strategic depth”. It’s an unusual mishmash of Magic and Clue’s rules, and has some unique cards too.

The key question for the ages is: are the Ravnica Clue characters this smoking hot?

Universes Beyond MTG Fallout – March 8 2024

Universes Beyond continues apace, and our first MTG crossover of 2024 is an unexpected one. It’s MTG Fallout! You can find supermutants, power armor, deathclaws and more within these post-apocalyptic Commander decks.

There’ll be four of these Fallout Commander precon decks in total: one a science-themed deck that uses energy, one a go-wide deck featuring Caesar’s Legion, one an equipment/aura themed deck led by Dogmeat, and the last a mill-focused deck based on mutants and radiation.

Check out all the MTG Fallout commanders here, as well as some of the key MTG Fallout spoilers.

Magic the Gathering MTG release schedule 2024 - Modern Horizons 3, Outlaws of Thunder Junction - a posse of outlaws silhouetted against a desert sundown

Outlaws of Thunder Junction – April 19, 2024

Our first visit to a new Magic plane in 2024 came on April 19, with Outlaws of Thunder Junction. This set is Magic’s take on a much anticipated genre, the Western. It also features “some of Magic’s most notorious villains” (that aren’t Nicol Bolas, the Eldrazi, or any of the Phyrexians) all sporting cowboy hats.

With mechanics like ‘Spree’, ‘Plot’, and ‘Crimes’, it’s clear the outlaws theme was a key focus for the designers, yet in terms of its art direction and world-building, it’s very, very western, full of frontier towns, trains to rob, and haunted mines.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction was full of legendary creatures, introducing some very popular new MTG commanders. This seems to have been quite a high-powered set overall – just take a look at the best MTG Thunder Junction cards.

Magic the Gathering MTG release schedule 2024 - Modern Horizons 3, three incomprehensible Eldrazi Titans rise from the oceans

Modern Horizons 3 – June 14, 2024

One of the more exciting MTG releases of 2024 is Modern Horizons 3, arriving June 14, 2024. Expect an influx of powerful new cards for Modern, as well as a kick-ass high-power draft environment, and a couple of choice reprints. This one’s also coming to MTG Arena – though you can’t actually play modern there.

There are dual-faced MTG planeswalkers like the ones from Magic Origins coming in this set, and plenty of nostalgic callbacks. We get to see Ajani’s backstory, a new version of Emrakul, and the return of the Energy mechanic. There are also Commander precon decks coming with Modern Horizons 3 – pretty weird for a set named after an entirely different MTG format.

Artwork for Modern Horizons 3 shows lots of familiar planes, including the Eldrazi titans on Zendikar, a hydra-loving warrior on Theros, and… a scary demon, who’s either got angel wings or has made a gruesome throne out of them.

MTG release schedule assassin's creed art showing a leaping assassin with hidden blade

MTG Assassin’s Creed – July 5, 2024

MTG Assassin’s Creed seems to be a much smaller Universes Beyond release than others we’ve seen so far, and it’s coming in July 2024. There’s no word on whether there’ll be precon decks to go alongside this release, but what we do know is its cards will be sold in a new type of pack – Beyond Boosters.

Apparently these UB-specific boosters are not draftable, “but each takes you on a journey unique to that universe”. We also know the cards will be legal in Modern and contain content from every Assassin’s Creed game.

What’s quite odd is that, because of Assassin’s Creed’s loosely historical theme, this UB set will have Magic: The Gathering versions of real historical characters like Leonardo da Vinci and Cleopatra 

Magic the Gathering MTG release schedule 2024 - Bloomburrow set art, a squirrel necromancer raises the bones of a wolf

Bloomburrow – August 2, 2024

From a Western world to a whimsical one, in August 2, 2024 we visit another new Magic plane, Bloomburrow. This plane is full of anthropomorphic animals, who’ll need to work together to complete a difficult mission.

Expect some cute little frogs, rats, and rabbits – and of course, squirrels – all dressed up like they’re straight from the pages of Redwall Interestingly, this is a world without humans, something Wizards of the Coast has been loath to explore since Lorwyn. Does that mean there’ll be no humanoids at all?

Apparently this release marks the start of a new story arc for Magic: The Gathering: the ‘Dragonstorm arc’. Lead designer Mark Rosewater has called it the most “charming” world they’ve ever made.

Magic the Gathering MTG release schedule 2024 - Duskmourn House of Horror set art - an 80s dude confronted by incomprehensible nightmares in a broken mirror

Duskmourn: House of Horror – Q4 2024

In a tonal shift that could give you whiplash, we go from cute and cuddly animal adventures to spine-chilling horror in the last premier MTG set of the year. Duskmourn: House of Horror comes out in Q4 2024. It’s apparently set within a haunted mansion – which seems unusually cramped. We’re used to exploring whole worlds, so this is pretty intriguing.

But the way it works is Duskmourn is an entirely indoor world. It’s all one big house. If it’s all as bad as the art we’ve seen, Duskmourn is easily stealing Innistrad’s title of Worst Vacation Spot in Magic. It’s safe to say we’re left with many questions about this one, though the horrifying art makes us momentarily forget them. Apparently the set draws inspiration from modern horror media, so expect jump scares aplenty.