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MTG Fallout commander decks have Dogmeat, energy, and Moth Man

New MTG Fallout Commander previews include collectible bobbleheads, a Radiation mechanic, and a VATS card with the powerful Split-second keyword.

MTG Fallout - a power armored soldier

Wizards of the Coast has given us our first look at the upcoming MTG Fallout release, including the commanders for each of the four EDH decks. It’s also shown off some additional spoilers (one for each deck), a new token type, some sweet lands, and a cool Pip-Boy card frame.

The four MTG Commanders from the Fallout set include Dogmeat, Ever Loyal who leads the Scrappy Survivors aura and equipment deck. There’s also Dr. Madison Li who leads the Energy-themed Science deck; Caeser, Legion’s Emperor who runs the Hail Caesar aristocrats deck; and The Wise Mothman, who helms a mill-themed Mutant Menace deck that features a new radiation mechanic.

Scrappy Survivors is a deck that’s all about the heroes of the Fallout universe, encouraging you to equip your protagonist with equipment and auras, just as you’d kit out your survivor in a Fallout game. It’s in the Naya (red, white, green) MTG color combination, and its face commander is Dogmeat.

The fan-favorite pooch can dig up equipment and auras, and create junk tokens that provide temporary card draw. The other card we’ve seen is Idolized, which can make a creature giant if it attacks alone. It’s too early to call it, but looks like the deck is shaping up to be a decent Voltron strategy.

The Science deck marks the long-awaited return of a much-loved mechanic: Energy! Dr. Madison Li makes energy for every artifact you cast, and has a bunch of useful activated abilities that all cost energy. It seems like she won’t be the only card with activated abilities in the deck, since our other spoiler, Rex, Cyber-Hound can borrow creature’s brains and use their abilities.

Hail Caesar looks like a mixture of go-wide tokens and your typical Aristocrats strategy. The commander, Caesar, Legion’s Emperor has different abilities that require you to sacrifice a creature, but one of them is creating two creature tokens, so your army’s size can constantly swell. Another card from the deck, Gary Clone, brings back the Squad mechanic, helping you go wide with ease.

Finally, Mutant Menace introduces the Radiation mechanic. The deck’s all about giving Rads counters, which force players to Mill and take damage for each non-land card they mill (removing the counters as they do). The deck’s commander, Wise Mothman, applies Rads to everyone, and buffs your board when anyone mills. Feral Ghoul, meanwhile, gets stronger when other creatures you control die, and gives out rad counters to opponents when it goes to the grave.

Other spoilers include V.A.T.S, a removal card with the extremely strong Split second keyword; Intelligence Bobblehead, one of seven bobblehead cards that represent the Fallout stats; and Vault 101 Birthday Party, one of numerous sagas that tell a vault’s story.

Then we’ve seen variants of Commander staples Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, and Crucible of Worlds featuring Pip Boy. And finally, there’s two awesome types of full art basic land, one showing Dogmeat and the survivor, the other based on the isometric style of the original Fallout games.

MTG Universes Beyond has been pretty fantastic so far (here’s why we changed our mind on it) and we’re excited to see more cards from the MTG Fallout decks. Check out our MTG release schedule guide to find out when everything’s arriving.