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New MTG Duskmourn art is practically Ghostbusters

New Magic: The Gathering art shows off the MTG Duskmourn set, with a familiar planeswalker and a new face starring in the horror show.

MTG Duskmourn art by Wizards of the Coast, showing Kaito and an unnamed character

Wizards of the Coast revealed new art for the MTG Duskmourn set on the Magic Con Las Vegas website, and it’s giving major Ghostbuster vibes. Shared on April 17, the image shows Magic: The Gathering planeswalker Kaito, exploring a haunted house with a mysterious new character.

Duskmourn: House of Horror is the final MTG set on this year’s MTG release schedule. As the name implies, the whole thing takes place in a horrible, haunted house. We don’t know too much about the spirits that lurk within, but the art released so far has been pretty darn spooky.

Kaito’s companion is bringing most of the Ghostbuster energy here. In her hand, she’s holding a digital device, charged by strange electricity. It looks exactly like the kind of gizmo you’d bring on a ghost-hunting trip.

MTG Duskmourn art of a haunted house, by Wizards of the Coast

Speaking of ghosts, there’s no shortage of malevolent spirits in the scene. Creatures with glowing eyes haunt the balconies, alcoves, and mirrors in the great hall. Skeletal hands reach towards the MTG planeswalker. And beyond a broken staircase, an enormous creature with unending numbers of arms and tendrils waits, glowing an ominous red.

It reminds us a little of the MTG Phyrexian art we saw in All Will Be One, which had a distinct Hellraiser feel. But all of this is speculation. Right now, we don’t know why Kaito is scouting out a house of horrors. And only time will tell what monstrosities wait behind closed doors.

We’ve got a while until Duskmourn releases, so while you wait, why not check out the latest Magic set? We can tell you all about the best MTG Thunder Junction cards, as well as what MTG Arena decks are worth playing right now. And be sure to follow Wargamer on Google News for more MTG updates.