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MTG fans find hidden code in Murders at Karlov Manor lands

Mysterious codes have been discovered in newly spoiled Magic: The Gathering cards – because Murders at Karlov Manor loves to be extra.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor code - Wizards of the Coast art from Cult Guildmage

The plot thickens in the world of Magic: The Gathering, as fans have found a hidden code in the MTG Murders at Karlov Manor set. Reddit user Qwertycat2990 posted their findings to the social media site on January 16. Apparently, if you organize the set’s dual lands in a certain order, you’ll reveal a glowing path that links the art in each card.

Don’t get distracted by the glowy golden lines, though – it’s what’s behind them in the art of these MTG lands that you’ll want to pay attention to. When arranged correctly, various parts of the landscape combine to spell out the code ‘RNA32X5+4’.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor land code Reddit post

Savvy Magic fans have already pointed out that ‘RNA’ is the MTG set code for Ravnica Allegiance. The sum of ‘32 x 5 + 4’ is 164, and the 164th card of Ravnica Allegiance is Cult Guildmage. This card features a puppet version of the MTG planeswalker Jace, and the puppet has also been spotted in a recent MTG Murders at Karlov Manor card, The Case of the Stashed Skeleton. The plot thickens indeed.

It’s not surprising to find so many cryptic clues in the upcoming Magic cards. Wizards of the Coast announced an Augmented Reality Game (ARG) on December 5 that would span the marketing, pre-release, and trading card game products of Karlov Manor. Fans have been spotting clues (and spelling errors) ever since.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor card, Case of the Stashed Skeleton, and Ravnica Alleigance card, Cult Guildmage

Nobody is sure exactly what mystery we’re solving in this ARG. But Murders at Karlov Manor spoilers are popping up at a rapid rate, and its court date on the MTG release schedule is fast approaching. We’re sure some clever clogs will sleuth the solution soon.

For now, here are the best MTG Arena decks for the digital trading card game (no mysteries here). We can also point you to all the latest info on MTG Arena codes. And if you want to join in with your theories, here’s the original Reddit post from Qwertycat2990.