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MTG Ravnica Clue comes with devil detectives, afterlife insurance

We don’t remember any Shark Octopus Lizards in the original Clue, but you can find them in Magic: The Gathering’s Ravnica: Clue Edition.

MTG Ravnica Clue Edition (photo by Wizards of the Coast)

An IGN article from January 22 has shared a full reveal of the MTG cards in Ravnica: Clue Edition. The cat’s officially out of the bag for the standalone Magic: The Gathering product, and it’s not just the usual suspects of Clue that are found inside. Palling around with Senator Peacock and Mastermind Plum are a host of devil detectives, insect shamans, and elephant clerics.

Arriving on February 23 (shortly after the Murders at Karlov Manor release date), Ravnica: Clue edition is a crossover between a standard MTG game and the classic board game, Clue. Inside are ten Jumpstart-style packs, and combining two gives you a ready-made deck. Also included are 21 cards that represent the rooms, murder weapons, and surprisingly sexy suspects from Clue.

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We already knew the Ravnica Clue cards would feature famous faces like Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard (now renamed to fit the setting, of course). But we didn’t expect the weird and wonderful cards snuck into the boosters.

Among these is Afterlife Insurance, a two-mana Instant that gives creatures you control Afterlife 1 until the end of the turn and lets you draw a card. The slightly more complex Conclave Evangelist is a 4/4 elephant cleric with the Myriad keyword and the ability to create a token copy of itself when it deals combat damage – this herd is about to go full stampede.

Two MTG Ravnica Clue Edition cards from Wizards of the Coast, Afterlife Insurance and Conclave Evangelist

We also spotted the insect shaman Amzu, Swarm’s Hunger among the suspects. A 3/3 with Flying and Menace, Amzu gives all other insects under your control Menace. Plus, once per turn, when at least one card leaves your graveyard, you can create a 1/1 insect creature token and add +1/+1 counters to it, equal to the highest mana value of the cards leaving your graveyard.

Ravnica: Clue Edition also features the Carnage Interpreter, a devil detective that forces you to discard your hand and investigate four times when it enters the battlefield. As long as you have one or fewer cards in your hand, Carnage Interpreter has Menace and +2/+2.

Two MTG Ravnica Clue Edition cards from Wizards of the Coast, Amzu, Swarm’s Hunger and Carnage Interpreter

You can learn more about Ravnica: Clue Edition and how it plays in IGN’s article. In short, it’s a crossover between how to play Magic: The Gathering and how to play Clue, where you’ll need to deal damage or exile cards before you can ask your opponents what they know.

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