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Every single MTG Ravnica Remastered spoiler revealed at once

Wizards of the Coast has revealed all the Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Remastered spoilers, in a full deep dive on the upcoming set.

MTG Ravnica Remastered - planeswalker Ral

Wizards of the Coast has shown off all the MTG Ravnica Remastered spoilers in one giant lump. The entire set was revealed in the Weekly MTG stream on Tuesday, December 12.

That includes hot cards from the upcoming MTG set like Cloudstone Curio and the Jumpstart reprint Bruvac the Gradiloquent. Ravnica Remastered also has a bunch of alternate art, new cards with old borders, and also some Ravnica cards with manga style artwork.

On stream, designer Carmen Klomparens said that the manga artwork might seem a strange choice to fans, but that it was chosen because the MTG Ravnica set War of the Spark was the first place Wizards of the Coast ever used manga artwork.

As well as the full gallery of cards, Weekly MTG gave us a fair bit of insight into the details of Ravnica Remastered. For instance, we found out that the draft packs for this set have a ‘mana slot’ instead of a basic land slot, to help you with your fixing.

As well as a basic land, this card could be a guild gate, a signet, or something more exciting. You could get a Chromatic Lantern in place of an MTG land card, or even a valuable shock land.

The set uses the Ravnica guilds as draft archetypes, but rather than being tied to one mechanic, it mixes in all the different themes that Wizards has created for the plane over the years.

According to Klomparens, 26 out of 29 Ravnica mechanics made it into the set. The missing three are the Dimir mechanic Cipher, deemed a bit too weak for Limited; the Golgari mechanic Undergrowth, which the designers couldn’t find a place for, as no other MTG color combinations wanted it; and the Boros mechanic Radiance, because it created rules confusion (apparently playtesters were shocked it was symmetrical).

There are some Ravnica Remastered cards that are only available in Collector boosters. These include fan-favourite cards Wizards wanted to include, but says it didn’t want to have in draft. These include Niv-Mizzet Reborn, Maze’s End, Enter the Infinite, and Pack Rat. Actually, there are Japanese-art Pack Rat cards in draft, but apparently in very low numbers.

MTG Ravnica Remastered cards

We don’t quite have time to show you every spoiler, so feel free to check the entire gallery here. Ravnica Remastered is the first set on the 2024 MTG release schedule. It comes out on January 12, just a little earlier than the murder mystery Ravnica set MTG Murders at Karlov Manor.