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All the MTG Fallout spoilers revealed in debut stream

MTG Fallout spoiler season has arrived - here are all the latest cards shared from the post-apocalyptic Magic: The Gathering Commander set.

MTG Fallout spoilers are here, with the set’s debut stream irradiating us with a large batch of cards themed around the post-apocalyptic RPG series. We got to see reprints and new cards from each of the Fallout Commander decks, along with tasty special treatments and cards that will only appear in the set’s Collector Boosters.

We’ll talk you through the new Universes Beyond cards here, but if you need a recap, we can teach you more about each MTG Fallout Commander in the upcoming release.

First up we have cards from the Scrappy Survivors deck, led by Dogmeat. This deck is all about loading up your creatures with equipment and auras, though you wouldn’t know it from our first revealed spoiler Commander Sofia Daguerre.

Commander Sofia DaguerreThis crash landed cosmonaut is basically a mini Meteor Golem, appearing out of nowhere to blast any permanent you care to name. Its controller does get some card draw-based compensation though, in the form of one of the junk tokens, which look to feature heavily in this deck, and are much more useful than they sound.

Three Dog, Galaxy News DJ is another card from this deck, and one that’s much more on theme. He ‘transmits’ auras you place on him to all your other attacking creatures in the form of copies. This one looks like an excellent MTG Commander in his own right, though it is going to be a bit of a nightmare to represent the board state accurately with all those aura copies.

A choice reprint for the Dogmeat deck is Puresteel Paladin. A really efficient value engine, the Paladin, here represented as a power-armor clad member of the Brotherhood of Steel, draws you cards for each MTG equipment you play, and lets you move equipment around for free once you meet the threshold.

The deck also has Heroic Intervention, always a choice card!

The MTG card Liberty Prime Recharged

Moving to the much-anticipated Energy deck led by Dr. Madison Li, ‘Science!’ is all about artifacts and energy, and as a result it’s full of robots. One of those is Liberty Prime, Recharged. This giant, undercosted creature can attack the turn it comes down but, flavorfully, is sacrificed if you ever run out of energy. Thankfully, it can power itself up by sacrificing artifacts for both energy and card draw.

Vault 112: Sadistic Simulation shows MTG Fallout’s approach to Sagas. They’re all the stories of various vaults found throughout the games. In gameplay terms, Vault 112 seems like a pretty decent energy producer that slows your opponents down, then becomes a powerful effect to spend your energy on, providing a free card which you can dig deeper for if you plug in some volts.

The MTG card Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine, Private Eye looks like he belongs in the most recent set, MTG Murders at Karlov Manor. He’s relatively hard to block, and creates Clue tokens each time an artifact creature dies.

The final new card we’ve seen from this MTG Commander deck is T-45 Power Armor. This is a really neat idea, a piece of equipment that lets you upgrade your creatures with ability counters, if you pay a bit of energy.

We do have another reprint to share though. Open the Vaults sounds like it was made for this Fallout MTG set, and it’s a fitting inclusion in this deck. It brings everyone’s artifacts back from the grave, which hopefully benefits the Science deck the most (hopefully you weren’t just Bojuka Bogged!).

Onwards to the Mothman deck, named Mutant Menace. Themed around milling and +1/+1 counters, this deck is full of all the irradiated nasties from Fallout’s hostile wasteland.

The MTG card Mayor Hancock

But just because you look like a monster, doesn’t mean you are one, as Hancock, Ghoulish Mayor proves. A man of the people in Magic as well, Hancock is a team player, buffing up all your zombies and mutants for each +1/+1 counter on him. He’s got Undying too, so if you didn’t get any counters on him yet he’ll be resilient to removal.

Nuclear Fallout is a newly revealed board wipe from this deck. An X-cost spell, you get to set the deadliness of this wipe, which may let you leave some of your own creatures alive. It fires rad counters around too, which factors into your milling plan, as well as providing some incidental damage.

The MTG card Guardian Project

Classic card draw spell Guardian Project is a reprint from this deck, and it’s a great inclusion for diehard Fallout fans too, as this version references the Master’s plan to turn everyone into mutants in Fallout 1.

Hail Caesar is the simplest Fallout deck of the bunch, and represents many of the human villains found throughout the games. It’s a go-wide deck that wants to generate a wide board of creature tokens and exploit them for value.

Powder Ganger brings back the Squad mechanic from the MTG Warhammer 40k decks, letting you create copies of the card. Here the gangers’ explosive tendencies are replicated through artifact destruction.

The MTG card Legate Lanius

Terrifying masked commander Legate Lanius, Caesar’s Ace is also in the deck. His ability ‘Decimate’ refers to the Roman’s real collective punishment for deserters, requiring players to sacrifice a tenth of their creatures. That’s not too punishing really, but this guy also gets bigger when creatures are sacrificed by your opponents.

Finally, a reprint for this deck is Ruinous Ultimatum. A tricky card to cast, this card doesn’t want for power, providing a one sided board wipe that hits all permanent types.

There are a few cards in MTG Fallout that are only found in the Collector Boosters. Some of these are classic magic creatures reskinned as Fallout monsters and characters. For instance, Tarmogoyf is now Scrounging Deathclaw.

There’s also some classic reprints with cartoony artwork featuring Vault Boy. One great example is War Room. That’s only a $3 card, but these reprints seem to run the gamut price-wise.

The most impressive one we’ve seen is one of the most expensive MTG cards available, the mass land destruction spell Ravages of War.

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