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MTG Bloomburrow release date, spoilers, and news

Check out all the information we have on MTG Bloomburrow, the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set about a world of adorable woodland critters.

MTG Bloomburrow art showing a rabbit archer

The third premier MTG set of 2024, MTG Bloomburrow, might just be the cutest Magic: The Gathering set ever created. It’s about a new Redwall-esque plane of talking animals going on epic fantasy adventures. We’ll keep this guide updated with the official Bloomburrow release date and all the latest Bloomburrow spoilers to peruse.

A rarity for Magic, this world is one without any humans or humanoids, where the orcs and elves have been swapped out for squirrels and mice. It’s not all Sylvanian tea parties though. These friendly critters have to deal with terrifying elemental ‘Calamity Beasts’ that ravage the land.

Bloomburrow is still a way off, but details are starting to emerge. Be sure to check back soon as we update this page with new dates and the latest news. You can also find more information about the next year of Magic through our MTG release schedule guide, or our individual MTG set guides for Outlaws of Thunder Junction and Murders at Karlov Manor.

MTG Bloomburrow art showing a group of animal heroes fighting a taloned creature

MTG Bloomburrow release date speculation

The release date for MTG Bloomburrow is August 2, 2024. That’s a little bit earlier than we’d expect, as normally, Magic’s third premier set release takes place in September.

We can expect the usual slow drip-drop of spoilers months before Bloomburrow’s release date. Previews officially begin on July 9, and the full set will be shown off across a couple of weeks, by July 19.

As usual, digital players on MTG Arena or those attending LGSs can expect to get the cards a little bit before they come to the big stores. Prerelease events take place from July 26 – August 1, and the MTG Arena release is July 30.

MTG Bloomburrow - a Squirrel necromancer

MTG Bloomburrow spoilers

Our first real look at Bloomburrow cards came in late February, where we got our first look at this plane’s adorable heroes and threats.

First Bloomburrow spoilers

The MTG Bloomburrow card Mabel, Heir to Cragflame

The very first Bloomburrow spoilers were revealed on February 23, at MagicCon Chicago. We got to see the set’s main hero, Mabel, Heir to the Cragflame. This simple Boros creature boosts all your Mice, and creates a nifty little artifact.

The MTG Bloomburrow card Lumbra, Bellow of the Woods

We also saw Lumra, Bellow of the Woods, one of the Calamity Beasts which appear to be the main threat found in this set. Lumra mills you a bit and returns all your lands from the graveyard to the battlefield. She’s likely to be strong in any MTG commander deck looking to sacrifice lands (looking at you Gitrog Monster).

MTG Bloomburrow art showing a giant calamity beast, an inky blue owl with symbols suggesting connection to night or the moon.

MTG Bloomburrow set details

Bloomburrow is the first set in a mysterious upcoming story arc called ‘Dragonstorm’, but we know little else about its plot. We do know, however, that this will be a set full of unusual creature types, from frogs to rabbits.

That’s why there were multiple mouse cards in MTG Wilds of Eldraine, to seed them in for this upcoming set. To us, that suggests there’ll be some kind of tribal element to this set – where MTG creature types matter.

It’s not all cute and cuddly on Bloomburrow. At its core, Magic is a game about combat, and there’s definite bite to this animal-themed world. Art shows a flaming wolf monster ‘Calamity Beast’ and a squirrel necromancer who look like they could make the whole plane a bit more Watership Down than Peter Rabbit.

MTG Bloomburrow- A mouse with a wolf fighting a burning wolf

One thing worth noting about Bloomburrow is that with its release, a bunch of Standard sets will finally get the chop under Wizards’ new extended MTG Standard rotation. Everything from Innistrad Midnight Hunt to Streets of New Capenna will be booted out of Standard, to make room for new cards. (Sheoldred’s still legal till September 2025 though, sorry.)

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