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Magic: The Gathering Strixhaven card previews - back to school

We've finally got a proper look at the cards in Magic's new set - including a Wargamer exclusive preview - and it's good stuff

Magic the Gathering artwork from Dragonguard Elite in Strixhaven

With Magic: The Gathering’s next card set, Strixhaven: School of Mages, releasing on April 15, publisher Wizards of the Coast has today released a huge stack of new info about the new set – including an exclusive card preview for Wargamer, alongside more than 30 other newly-revealed cards.

If you haven’t heard of Strixhaven yet, it’s set in a wizards’ university where the five Colleges (Lorehold, Prismari, Quandrix, Silverquill and Witherbloom) were all founded by dragons, the school sport is a kind of capture-the-flag with battle magic, and much of the campus appears to disobey the laws of physics. In short, it all seems pretty rad.

And today’s previews have done nothing to disabuse us of that impression. We’ve now seen a goodly number of cards from each of the five Colleges, plus some of the fantastic art that’s gone into Mystical Archive (a kind of mini-set of cards within Strixhaven, that revives 63 hand-picked magic spells from across MTG history) – and it’s left us very excited to start playing the new set next month.

Read on to find out exactly what’s coming in the Strixhaven set, and delve into those all-important card previews (including one that you can only find on Wargamer).

Artwork showing Magic The Gathering Strixhaven's campus map


Strixhaven is a full-on Magic: The Gathering card set, releasing on April 15. When it drops – in line with the last set, Kaldheim, and recent sets – it’ll be available in standard 15-card booster packs (or big old boxes of them) in three different flavours: ordinary Set Boosters, more expensive and rare-packed Collector Boosters, or Draft Boosters, for those wanting to play in the real-time-deck-building Draft format.

There’s also a range of five new sealed 100-card decks for the Commander format (one per College), and each College also gets its own 35-card “Theme Booster” pack, for those who really like one College above the others.

Speaking of those Colleges, here’s a quick run-down, as they’re super important to building decks and playing games in the Strixhaven set.


Here’s everything you need to know to get a flavour of Strixhaven’s five Colleges, before we introduce you to some of their professors, students and card-based activities:

Artwork showing Velomachus Lorehold from Magic The Gathering Strixhaven


Magic colours: Red & White
Theme: The college of history, Lorehold is all about studying the past and digging up ancient relics and texts from around Magic’s fantasy universe.
Founder: Velomachus Lorehold

Artwork showing Galazeth Prismari from MTG Strixhaven


Magic colours: Blue & Red
Theme: The College of art, creativity, and elemental magic, Prismari students like to play with the elements – fire, ice, lightning, et cetera.
Founder: Galazeth Prismari

Artwork showing Tanazir Quandrix from MTG strixhaven


Magic colours: Green & Blue
Theme: Numerologist scholars of the mathematics of magic, Quandrix students focus on the numbers within nature, to control it.
Founder: Tanazir Quandrix

Artwork showing Shadrix Silverquill from MTG Strixhaven


Magic colours: White & Black
Theme: The College of eloquence – Silverquill students favour the magic of words; written or spoken; hence the all-consuming inky themes.
Founder: Shadrix Silverquill

Beledros Witherbloom artwork from Magic The Gathering Strixhaven


Magic colours: Black & Green
Theme: The College of essence – Witherbloom prefers magic that draws power from the essence of living things. “Gothy biology majors” – Wizards.
Founder: Beledros Witherbloom

Artwork showing Strixhaven College symbols on spellbooks


Lesson and Learn: A new mechanic to the game, this is all about card draw and magical flexibility. If a card triggers Learn, it allows you to either simply discard a card and draw another – or pull in a specific Lesson card from outside your current deck altogether (for Limited or Constructed play, this means cards in your Sideboard, but in casual play it could be any card you own).

Magecraft: Following the set’s magical theme, this mechanic grants you benefits whenever you cast or copy an Instant or Sorcery, stacking up extra rewards for casting and combining spells (as opposed to following conventional, Creature-based strategies).

Artwork showing the card art for Quandrix Apprentice from MTG Strixhaven


Time for the main event: we can now show you over 30 cards from the Strixhaven set, across all five colleges, plus some from the Mystic Archive – including one Archive card that Wizards of the Coast revealed exclusively to Wargamer: Dark Ritual. Let’s be about it, then!


Lorehold Apprentice

MTG card photo showing Lorehold Apprentice

Furycalm Snarl

MTG card photo showing Furycalm Snarl

Osgir, the Reconstructor

MTG card photo showing Osgir the Reconstructor


Prismari Apprentice

MTG card photo showing Prismari Apprentice

Adrix and Nev, Twincasters

MTG card photo showing Adrix and Nev Twincasters

Storm-Kiln Artist

MTG card photo showing Storm Kiln Artist

Zaffai, Thunder Conductor

MTG card photo showing Zaffai Thunder Conductor

Frostboil Snarl

MTG card photo showing Frostboil Snarl

Rowan, Scholar of Sparks / Will, Scholar of Frost

MTG card photo showing the double sided planeswalker Rowan and Will


Quandrix Apprentice

MTG card photo showing Quandrix apprentice

Dragonsguard Elite

MTG card photo showing dragonsguard elite

Vineglimmer Snarl

MTG card photo showing Vineglimmer Snarl

Kasmina, Enigma Sage

MTG card photo showing Kasmina, Enigma Sage

Kasmina, Enigma Sage (Borderless)

MTG card photo showing Kasmina Enigma Sage



Silverquill Apprentice

MTG card photo showing Silverquill apprentice

Breena, the Demagogue

MTG card photo showing Breena, The Demagogue

Shineshadow Snarl

MTG card photo showing Shineshadow Snarl

Confront the Past

MTG card photo showing Confront the Past


Witherbloom Apprentice

MTG card photo showing Witherbloom Apprentice

Professor Onyx

MTG card photo showing Professor Onyx

Professor Onyx (Borderless)

MTG card photo showing Professor Onyx (borderless)

Pest Summoning

MTG card photo showing Pest Summoning

Necroblossom Snarl

MTG card photo showing Necroblossom Snarl

Willowdusk, Essence Seer

MTG card photo showing Willowdusk Essence Seeker


Coming in non-foil, traditional foil and foil etched editions, this is a sub-set of stylised, extra-special reprints of hand-picked spell cards from across Magic’s history.

Some of these cards also have an utterly  beautiful Japanese-style alternative art type – check these out below.

Dark Ritual

Photo of Magic card Dark Ritual from Strixhaven exclusive reveal to Wargamer

Exclusive to Wargamer, we can reveal one of the Mystical Archive cards  spread among Strixhaven booster packs will be Dark Ritual, a one-cost black Instant that immediately adds three black mana to your pool (effectively a powerful free two-mana boost on your turn). So powerful, in fact, that it’ll immediately be banned in MTG: Arena’s Historic play when it releases. You can still play it in Strixhaven drafts, though.


MTG card photo showing Duress including japanese version

Lightning Bolt

MTG card photo showing mystical archive lightning bolt and japanese version

Time Warp

MTG card photo showing Time Warp and Japanese version

We’re not sure yet how many more of Strixhaven’s cards we’ll get to see before the whole hog arrives next month, but rest assured we’ll be covering all the latest news and reveals the whole way.

However, Wizards says it’ll be publishing written fiction for Strixhaven’s main story every Wednesday from now on, plus “side fiction” pieces every Friday, about the daily lives of students and professors at the university.

You can get more information about the Strixhaven set, and all its colleges, on the official Magic site.