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The Batman actor Robert Pattinson is now a Magic: The Gathering card

The Batman actor Robert Pattinson has been turned into a Magic: The Gathering alter card by a Reddit user

Magic: The Gathering Opposition agent Batman Custom Card Closeup

Magic: The Gathering alters are a popular way to get creative with the artwork on MTG cards. While a lot of the artwork on Magic Cards is already beautiful (just check out the art deco style coming to Streets of New Capenna), you can make anything into a Magic Card if you’re handy with some art supplies. And with The Batman hitting cinemas this weekend, it was only a matter of time before Robert Pattinson’s chiselled face was immortalised in MTG.

Reddit user TheWizardsStaff101 has been posting their MTG alters on the social media site and their personal Instagram for two years now – a colourful creative pursuit that’s so far included Magic alters of The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, and One Punch Man, among others.

The Batman alter is based on fan art created by Russian comic book and concept artist Daniil Grishin, who posts a wide range of videogame and comic book illustrations on their ArtStation page. TheWizardsStaff101 has combined Grishin’s gritty black and red work with the MTG card Opposition Agent, a human rogue from 2020’s Commander Legends, with Flash and the ability to play cards that an opponent exiles from their deck while searching.

Given Batman’s dark past and brooding demeanour, it makes perfect sense for Robert Pattinson’s card-based alter ego to be a black MTG card – and rather than a bat signal, summoning the Caped Crusader will only cost you two mana and a tapped swamp.

Magic: The Gathering Opposition Agent Batman Custom card on blue background

However, The Batman only has two toughness – meaning he may face a tough fight against TheWizardStaff101’s Joker alter, which they created using Legendary Planeswaker Tibalt, Rakish Instigator.

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Note: This story was updated at 2:15pm on March 15 to include the author’s Instagram account.