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Fans stick MTG card packs in bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Magic: The Gathering fans were inspired to give bouquets full of MTG card packs to their geeky partners this Valentine's Day, and we bet you wish you had one

MTG Valentines Day flowers

Magic: The Gathering fans on Reddit have been combining romance with their favourite card game, by giving Valentine’s Day bouquets to their loved ones featuring MTG booster packs nestled among the petals.

The trend got started yesterday, after user Kazie224 racked up thousands of upvotes and tons of positive comments with the Valentine’s Day idea. There was an outpouring of positivity, one reply saying “If someone did that for me my heart would melt into a puddle on the floor”, and many users apparently turning green with envy.

And it seems others were inspired by the idea, because at least three or four copycats have shown up on the Magic subreddit since, with a great variety of colourful flowers and MTG card packs on show.

We think it’s a lovely idea, and if you’re an MTG playing couple, you’re probably kicking yourself for not thinking of it first. Ah well, there’s always next year! And, of course, you can give flowers when it isn’t February 14, we suppose.

Wizards didn’t put out an MTG Secret Lair for Valentine’s Day this year, and rumours about a LoveSac MTG card set to go with the beanbag have turned out to be fake.

While love and Magic: The Gathering aren’t obvious companions, romance has certainly touched the TCG in the past. It somehow never seems to end well for Magic’s couples though – you either get your relationship retconned (Nissa and Chandra) or have to go through the pain of heartbreak and stabbings (Jace and Vraska).