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Tabletop RPG Mörk Borg announces dungeon made by 5-year-old

Heavy-metal inspired Swedish TTRPG Mörk Borg is releasing a new dungeon crawl written and designed by its graphic designer's five-year-old son.

Mork Borg- a scary vampire king drawn in Mork Borg's trademark heavy metal, scribbly style

GM-ing Mörk Borg is child’s play! Thanks to its ruleslite system, this tabletop RPG is much easier to pick up and play than the likes of DnD 5e. But that’s not just a figure of speech anymore, as Mörk Borg has announced an adventure designed by a five-year-old.

Mörk Borg’s graphic designer Johan Nohr refined and statted up an adventure for the tabletop RPG, written and drawn by his 5-year-old son, Assar Nohr. They plan to release this self-published adventure at the end of the month. According to the Mörk Borg Twitter account where it was announced, The Lair of the Vampire King is “short but deadly” and filled with monsters, traps, and lava.

Mork Borg art - of a man-caterpillar. on one side the drawing is done by a 5 year old

The Lair of the Vampire King will be released at GothCon, Gothenburg on March 29, and arrive on Mörk Borg’s webstore later in the year. It’s coming in zine form, with artwork by Assar appearing alongside more adult, gritty versions drawn by Johan. Apparently, despite its origins, the adventure is advertised as “not for kids”.

“A deathtrap dungeon by a five year old” makes for a compelling headline, and there’s something to be said for harnessing the unbounded creativity of children. Plus, it’s really sweet that Assar’s dad is getting his first adventure published for him.

Mork Borg art showing a dungeon

The reinterpretation of kids’ drawings in this dungeon crawl reminds us of Magic: The Gathering’s Extra Life cards, where several cards were drawn by children, and then professional MTG artists took those pictures and drew their own versions of the monsters.

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