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Old World DLC features 400 years of Ancient Egyptian history

Strategy 4x game Old World is getting a new Ancient Egypt DLC with a brand new campaign, and a new sandbox nation that can build pyramids.

Old World, the 4X game which focuses on ancient civilizations, is getting a new DLC themed around Ancient Egypt. This upcoming Old World DLC pack, Pharaohs of the Nile, adds new content to the game’s sandbox mode, but the big ticket item looks to be a fresh narrative campaign featuring lots of unique mechanics. Mohawk Games and publisher Hooded Horse says it’s set to release shortly, on October 4, 2023.

What’s featured in this 4x game’s third DLC? Pharaohs of the Nile lets you play Kemet (what Egypt used to be called) in a custom Old World campaign that has plenty of unique new characters and event chains – from striving to survive the late Bronze Age collapse, to acting out events from the Book of Exodus.

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The turn-based game’s new campaign walks you through 400 years of ancient history, with new mechanics tied to the all-important Nile River and its flooding cycles, vital to achieving a good harvest. There’s also the delightfully catchy Ma’at meter, named after the Egyptian concept (and goddess) of order and balance.

In the sandbox mode, it’s not Kemet, but Kush that’s added. This Sudanese kingdom was at one point conquered by Egypt but then became newly independent after the New Kingdom of Egypt’s collapse.

In Old World, Kush has five dynasties to select from, a range of unique units and bonuses, and it’s the first Old World nation to get a unique improvement, the Kushite Pyramids. These mini pyramids were built in vast numbers by the Kushites, who were inspired by ancient Egypt. They came way late to the trend: Egypt had given up the practice ages ago.

Old World released in May 2022, and in 2023 has come out with two other expansions. The first, Sacred and the Profane, centres on religious events and characters, while the second, Heroes of the Aegean, adds Ancient Greece to the game.

You’ll be able to play as Ancient Egypt in Old World from October 4, 2023 – assuming you pick up the DLC, of course. Until then, check out our list of the best grand strategy games, as well as our top strategy board games.