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Get five Paradox DLC packs at 65% off in this custom Humble Bundle

Best hurry if you want Humble’s latest Paradox DLC BYOB bundle - it ends on Friday, June 18

Screenshot of the Humble Bundle for Paradox games DLC in June 2021

It’s no secret that we at Wargamer absolutely love Paradox Interactive’s strategy games ; the merest glance at our extensive, adoring content on Hearts of Iron 4, or our excited coverage of the newly-announced Victoria 3, should demonstrate that fact. So we also feel it beholden upon us to alert you to Humble Bundle’s latest “build your own”-style bundle, this time focused entirely on the many wonderful DLC packs for Paradox’s wide game catalog.

You can buy individual titles ‘off the rack’ if you like, at 50% off – but the real savings come when you select multiple DLC packs to create a custom bundle. Choose three, and you get 55% off the total price; choose four and you get 60% discount; fill all five bundle slots and you get a whopping 65% off the lot.

Included are expansion packs for Hearts of Iron 4, Europa Universalis 4, Imperator: Rome, Stellaris, Crusader Kings 2, Surviving Mars, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Cities: Skylines, Battletech, and Prison Architect. It’s a pretty good spread from which to mix and match the DLC packs you’re missing from your collection, and sweep them all up at a healthy discount. Just make sure you do it quick – because the bundle offer ends tomorrow, on Friday, June 18.

If you’ve spent any time playing any of Paradox’s stuffed range of grand strategy and tactical titles, you’ll know that most of them are built on the basis of having vast amounts of content already in the base game, then releasing a near-endless stream of smallish expansion packs that incrementally add to the experience.

The resulting megagames are impossibly content-rich and complex, such that you can play them for years on end, and still discover new events, mechanics or options. It’s pretty damn rad – so jump on this bundle before it runs out, and make those massive strategy worlds that little bit larger.

If you’re a particular fan of the addictive, complex, WWII war machine simulator Hearts of Iron 4, make sure you first check out our guide to the very best Hearts of Iron 4 DLC, for a steer on what to fill your bundle with.