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The best deals in the Paradox games Steam sale

There are discounts aplenty across the whole Paradox Catalogue, including tentpole series Hearts of Iron, Victoria, and Crusader Kings.

Paradox games - key art for Stellaris, a sci-fi 4X game, featuring a bearded human and several alien portraits

The Paradox games publisher sale is live on Steam, with savings of up to 80% on flagship games including Hearts of Iron IV, Europa Universalis IV, Stellaris, and many more. We’ve rounded up the best deals that all fans of strategy games need to check out.

Paradox is renowned as a developer of grand strategy games, and – with deep discounts on every base game – now’s the perfect time to hop on board with one of the series. Steam has all the deals, but the prices for Crusader Kings and Stellaris are currently being matched on the Humble store.

These are the top deals in the Paradox games Steam sale:

Paradox games Crusader Kings 3 Tours and Tournaments DLC image - closeup on a knight in a shining helmet

Crusader Kings III – 60% off

Crusader Kings III is the ultimate mediaeval monarchy simulator. Govern your barons. Suppress the peasants. Fabricate claims to the throne. Assassinate your brother. Marry your cousin. Convert to Protestantism. Imprison your nephew. Wage war on the Pope. It’s all go!

Crusader Kings looks like a sprawling, complex, Empire management game, and it kind of is, but mostly it’s about the ridiculous story of your political dynasty. Check out our Crusader Kings III beginner’s guide if you’re picking it up for the first time.

If you already have the base game and want to pick up DLC, we recommend Royal Court – 40% off at Humble and Steam – and Tours and Tournaments – 30% off at Humble and Steam. Together, these substantially flesh out the roleplaying aspect of the game, making your monarch more of a presence in the game. Check out our Royal Court review and Tours and Tournaments review to learn more.

Paradox Games Hears of Iron IV By Blood Alone DLC key art - an Ethiopian and Italian soldier stand either side of a mountain, while WW2 planes soar overhead

Hearts of Iron 4 – 70% off

The ultimate WW2 game on PC, Hearts of Iron 4 takes in the global scope of the Second World War, following each nation from the process of armament through to the height of the conflict. We have a guide to the masses of Hearts of Iron 4 DLC that go into even greater detail for each nation and period of the war – it’s all on sale at the moment, so now’s the time to pick it up.

Paradox Games Victoria 3 - a crowd of workers in a prosperous Victorian city centre

Victoria III – 76% off

Victoria 3 manages to strike a great balance between depth of simulation, and accessibility to the player. Tasked with the enormity of governing a nation during the industrial revolution and the era of European Empires, this is a remarkable political and economic sim that gives the player enough information to feel in charge at all times without burying them under data.

Make sure to check out our Victoria 3 review if you’re intrigued.

Paradox games Europa Universalis IV Lions of the North DLC key art - three rennaissance merchants wearing flat hats and voluminous robes against a backdrop of warring Scandinavian nations

Europa Universalis IV – 70% off

Set in the age of exploration and European expansion, Europa Universalis IV has one of the biggest scopes of any game. With three hundred years of history to play through, you’ll push back the boundaries of your empire through trade, diplomacy, colonial expansion into the new world, and warfare. An already massive game, we can recommend the best Europa Universalis IV DLC for you to expand it further.

Paradox games - key art for Stellaris, a sci-fi 4X game, featuring a bearded human and several alien portraits

Stellaris – 70% off

One of the best 4x games anywhere, Stellaris is eight years old and still unbeaten as far as sci-fi civilization games go. The core game might be old, but mountains of DLC (and community mods) mean it’s now as much a platform as it is a game in its own right. Even so, the core gameplay – turnless, interplanetary diplomacy and warfare – remains rock solid.

There are loads more discounts besides – mech-battler Battletech and ace CRPG Shadowrun: Dragonfall are both 75% off and well worth your time. Paradox’ recently released answer to Civilization, Millennia, may only be discounted by 10%, but it’s worth a look – check our Millennia review to get a full run down on what we think.