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Pathfinder books are about to get more expensive

Paizo says its Pathfinder books and TTRPG products will go up in price next year, but core books will stay cheap to welcome new players.

Pathfinder books price increase - Paizo art of a Cleric and a Fighter battling a dragon

Paizo is increasing the price of its Pathfinder books and tabletop RPG products, a blog post from October 18 has confirmed. “No one likes to raise prices, but doing so is a necessity”, writes Paizo president Jim Butler. “Paizo is not immune to economic factors like inflation, nor industry-wide fluctuations in cost-of-goods, labor, or shipping and logistics, and we must periodically adjust our prices to reflect rising costs.”

Most of the price increases are marginal, and they primarily affect Paizo’s physical tabletop RPG products. Flip mats have increased by $3 to $19.99 (£16.53), and a multi-pack now costs $5 more at $29.99 (£24.79). Starfinder and Pathfinder books will go up in price, but the rate of increase varies.

Paizo’s Adventure Paths will cost $3 more, increasing to $29.99. The smaller Pocket Edition books will be priced depending on their page count, with the raised price ranging from $26.99 (£22.31) to $34.99 (£28.93).

Hardcover books will also be priced by page count. According to Wednesday’s blog post, it’s difficult to standardize this number, but the new prices could range from $44.99 (£37.19) to $79.99 (£66.12). Special edition covers will add $20 to the regular retail price.

While plenty of products are getting more expensive, Paizo has chosen to freeze the price of its hardcover core books. This means the remastered Pathfinder Player Core, GM Core, and Monster Core will all remain at a retail price of $59.99 (£49.60) – at least for their first printing.

“We feel these books are essential first purchases for Pathfinder players and want to hold the line on price increases as long as possible to reduce the barrier of entry for new players”, Butler writes. Paizo says we can expect to see these price changes in April 2024.

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