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Best Pathfinder character sheets

Whether you need them physical, printable, fillable, pretty, or dyslexic-friendly, we can help you pick the right Pathfinder 2e character sheets for your TTRPG

Pathfinder character sheets - Paizo art of three adventurers ready for battle

It goes without saying; you need Pathfinder character sheets if you want to play 2E. There’s a lot of info you’ll need to track while gaming, and hastily scribbled notes on a napkin just aren’t going to cut it. However, different folks will want different things from a Pathfinder 2e character sheet.

Below you’ll find a range of the best Pathfinder character sheets, each chosen to suit specific needs. Perhaps you’re after something specific to your favourite Pathfinder classes, or you want a fillable digital document that auto-completes once you’ve chosen your Pathfinder races, stats, and spells. Maybe you want something fancy that’ll make a creative keepsake when your campaign wraps up – DnD character sheets shouldn’t get to have all the fun.

Here are the best Pathfinder character sheets:

  • Official Pathfinder 2e character sheet
  • Pathfinder online character sheet
  • Pathfinder dyslexic character sheet
  • Simplified Pathfinder 2e character sheet
  • High-end Pathfinder 2e character sheet

Pathfinder character sheets pack cover art from Paizo

Official Pathfinder 2e character sheet

If you like printed sheets and have a bit of money to spend, Paizo sells an official Pathfinder character sheet pack. You aren’t just paying for paper, of course; the pack includes a folder for storage, as well as rules reference documents and sheets for tracking animal companions and alchemy books.

There are also multiple kinds of Pathfinder character sheets tucked inside. As well as one standardised character sheet, every class from the core rulebook has their own specialised sheet, with certain details already filled in to save you time.

Digital Pathfinder character sheet sections in colour

Pathfinder online character sheet

There’s a wide range of Pathfinder character sheets to be found online. Many of these were created by the community, and their designs have been tweaked to suit specific needs and personal preferences. We’ll look at an ‘improved’ sheet in a bit, but for now, here’s how to find the original 2e sheets online.

A 2019 Paizo community blog post shares free colour and printer-friendly versions of the standard 2e character sheet. However, neither of these are fillable before printing. If you’re after a document you can fill out on your digital devices, here’s one that Paizo has recommended in the past. It even does auto-calculations for you.

Another option when playing digitally is the Pathbuilder 2e website. This is an alternative way to build your Pathfinder character that allows a lot of detail with a fairly simple interface.

Pathfinder character sheet with dyslexic-friendly layout

Pathfinder dyslexic character sheet

Tabletop RPGs are for everyone, so it’s important that Pathfinder character sheets are legible for all players at the table. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for dyslexic players that make the otherwise-dense documents easier to digest.

Dyslexic-charactersheets.com offers a highly customisable character sheet experience. You can choose your ancestry, background, and class ahead of time, and the sheet will auto-fill and prioritise displaying these specific details so they’re easy to find. You can also tailor font, text size, brightness, and colours on the sheet to suit your needs. The final result is a PDF of your character sheet that’s fillable, so you can add the final details yourself digitally.

Top half of a simplified Pathfinder character sheet from Pandamancer

Simplified Pathfinder 2e character sheet

Pathfinder is a crunchy, crunchy game, and its character sheets have to accommodate this. This means they can be a little overwhelming for some players, and members of the Pathfinder community have often sought to simplify them.

While there are, again, many options if you’re looking for minimalistic sheets, we’re fond of the design by Pandamancer games. It’s free, it’s streamlined, and it’s even got some endearing bits of style to stop the sheet being boring to look at.

Pathfinder character sheets - Beadle & Grimm's Complete Wizard Chronicle journal, seen opened

High-end Pathfinder 2e character sheet

So far, this guide has been filled with free (or pretty cheap) character sheet options. But for some people, creating a TTRPG character isn’t just a hobby – it’s an event. Their fictional wizard is an important part of their lives, and their story should be documented with care. Oh, and style.

For the bougie-est RPGers out there, check out the Complete Chronicles created by Beadle & Grimm’s. These are a range of class-specific character books divided into three parts. Firstly, there are around 25 pages of character sheet for fully fleshing your character out. The book then provides all the official rules for your character’s class, as found in the core and advanced players’ guides. Finally, there’s a journal section to document your adventures. All this comes wrapped in vegan leather, and it includes original artwork and a dry-erase board for tracking temporary details.

Sure, this will set you back more than the average character sheet. But this is how to impress a table of die-hard roleplayers and dice goblins.