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You can now playtest two totally new Pathfinder classes

Paizo announces two never-before-seen Pathfinder 2e classes – the Animist and the Exemplar – which are ready for TTRPG playtesting.

Paizo sketch of an Animist, one of the new Pathfinder classes

Pathfinder publisher Paizo has begun playtesting two entirely new Pathfinder classes, the Animist and the Exemplar. From September 1 to October 2, players can try out the new player options, both of which tie into a 2024 “multi-product line event” that’ll shake Golarion as we know it. A war is looming where gods are destined to die, so both Pathfinder classes channel the power of the divine to do battle.

“The animist is a Wisdom-based divine spellcasting class that bonds with apparitions, ephemeral spirits who share their power and knowledge with the animist in exchange for the animist acting as their agent with the physical world”, Paizo says in a press release from Friday. The class will apparently appeal to magic-loving players who want to change abilities with maximum flexibility.

An animist can “bond with a Steward of Stone and Fire to add primal power to your spellcasting, make a pact with an Impostor in Hidden Places to gain access to sneaky and deceptive magics, or allow a Witness to Ancient Battles to possess you and lend its martial talents to your repertoire”.

Inspired by mythological demigods like Maui, Cú Chulainn, and Hercules, the Exemplar is the first rare class in Pathfinder 2e. Paizo describes it as “a Charisma-based divine warrior possessing their own spark of divinity”. “Using the power of receptacles called ikons, the exemplar can move their divine spark between each of their ikons to unlock potent effects and abilities.”

Paizo sketches of the Exemplar and the Animist, two new Pathfinder classes

“As your power grows, you create your own epithet that defines your immortal legacy; whether you become a Cunning exemplar, Restless as the Tides and known to be a Thief of Moonlight, or a Brave exemplar, Peerless Under Heaven and destined to be The Last Ruler of an ancient kingdom is up to you.”

The ‘War of Immortals’ playtest includes home games as well as organized play, so you can test the new classes as part of a Pathfinder Society game as well as in unofficial campaigns. As of September 1, virtual tabletop Demiplane offers a free character builder for both classes, and Foundry VTT will add a module with fully automated support for both classes.

Feedback on the new classes should be submitted via two online forms: Paizo’s class survey and open response survey. Paizo says it’ll also have playtest forums on its official website for further discussion.

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