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Paizo kills god, creates two new Pathfinder classes

Paizo has revealed which of its core deities is dying, and announced the playtest for two upcoming Pathfinder classes - both martial types.

Pathfinder art showing a smoking empty pile of armor

At the end of April, Paizo is playtesting two new Pathfinder classes, which will be fully released in 2025 as part of the game’s War of Immortals event. On April 17, the company also revealed which of the 20 main deities of its lore is marked for death, their demise precipitating all this chaos and bloodshed.

Who better to die in a War of Immortals than the god of war, Gorum? But rather than ushering in peace, killing the war god seems to have the exact opposite effect.

We don’t yet know what puts an end to the Pathfinder god Gorum, but it must be messy because afterwards it starts to rain blood, bits of armor, and divine essence, creating conflict wherever it lands. Before this thing is through, several other gods are going to bite the dust.

Fittingly, the new Pathfinder classes are both war-themed. They’re coming out in a currently unannounced War of Immortals Pathfinder book in 2025. They are the commander and the guardian, both martial classes that get stuff done by hitting people.

Pathfinder art showing a hellish figure on a flayed horse

Well actually, one gets stuff done by getting their friends to hit people, while the other’s main role is getting hit. The commander is apparently a “martial support class” that can boss her allies about, giving them bonus movement, actions, and reactions. Meanwhile, the guardian is a tank that can taunt foes, and use heavy armor to effectively shrug off blows.

You’ll be able to find out more about both classes soon, as Paizo releases its next Pathfinder playtest on April 29.

Before either the guardian or the commander is fully released, a major Pathfinder release comes in October 2024, with the War of Immortals rulebook. This adds high-powered mythic rules to Pathfinder 2e, adds loads of new lore, and has two new classes of its own – the exemplar and the animist – both of which were originally unveiled last year.

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