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Free Pathfinder trivia game will test your TTRPG knowledge

Along with Lore Masters Studios, tabletop RPG publisher Paizo announces Pathfinder: Lore Masters, a free trivia game to test your lore and rules knowledge.

Pathfinder trivia game logo

Think you know Pathfinder? Soon you’ll be able to put your brain to the test with a free Pathfinder trivia game. On July 26, tabletop RPG publisher Paizo announced Pathfinder: Lore Masters, an app for iOS and Android being developed by Lore Master Studios. It’s currently set to release worldwide in October 2023.

According to a dedicated Lore Masters website, the app promises over 6,500 questions with five difficulty levels. It seems only around 200 of these are free when you begin to play, perhaps hinting that this will be more of a freemium game than a free one. The game also apparently offers a player-versus-player mode and a system for gaining experience points.

“We’re very excited to bring the world of Golarion to Lore Masters,” says Paizo’s director of brand strategy Mark Moreland, “This engaging trivia game is a great way to immerse players new and old in the lore and rules of Pathfinder.”

We don’t know a lot about the team behind Pathfinder: Lore Masters at this stage. Wednesday’s press release describes Lore Master Studios as “an independent mobile videogame studio piloted by a team of videogame industry veterans”.

However, with its website and social media pages solely dedicated to the Pathfinder game, it’s unclear what history the studio has in the mobile gaming space. No names are provided in the press release, with all quotes anonymously attributed to “the Lore Masters Team”.

“Our goal with Lore Masters is to create a game that brings fans closer to the heart of the Pathfinder brand,” says the Lore Masters Team. “We want players of all skill levels to engage with the captivating universe and Pathfinder classes they love, providing them with an interactive experience that challenges their knowledge of the game and strengthens the relationship with fellow players.”

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