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Best Pictionary games to play in 2024

There's a surprising range of different Pictionary board games on offer, adding variety, challenge, and even Harry Potter to the classic game.

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Pictionary is a fast-paced, drawing-based guessing game that has had fans frantically scribbling since 1985. One player grabs a pen and pencil and gets drawing, hoping their crude excuse for a tractor can be recognised by their teammates within the time limit. Correct guesses let your team move forward on the board, while mistakes give your enemies a chance to sneak in and steal the win. It’s classic cartoon chaos.


As with all the best board games that have been kicking around for more than a decade, Pictionary has loads of editions and spin-offs. Deciding which Pictionary games are worth trying can be a challenge in itself.

We personally like shopping for Pictionary to be like playing it – simple and rewarding. To make that happen, we’ve put together a quick guide to the best Pictionary games.

The best Pictionary games are:

  1. Pictionary Air
  2. Pictionary Air Harry Potter
  3. Pictionary Junior
  4. Drawing Without Dignity
  5. Pictionary Man

Bear in mind this list doesn’t include the original Pictionary. This isn’t to say classic Pictionary isn’t worth picking up; it’s still a solid way to spend an evening, and we recommend starting here for the purest Pictionary experience.

However, below you’ll find alternatives for plenty of different occasions.

Pictionary games - Pictionary Air digital pen

1. Pictionary Air

Pictionary Air brings the drawing game into the modern age. Instead of playing with pen and paper, you’re given a digital pen and an app. Simply draw the prompt given in the air with your digital pen, and it’ll appear on your smartphone or television screen. Whichever team can guess the most prompts correctly wins.

No longer is Pictionary a game played hunched over paper, your hands obscuring the picture your team are meant to be guessing from. The artist has all the space they need to draw their prompt, and their team can guess from the results on-screen. These images may be a little wackier than usual, though – it’s hard to keep track of what you’re drawing when all the lines are invisible. Of course, this only adds to the challenge and comedy of Pictionary Air.

Pictionary games - Pictionary Air Harry Potter box

2. Pictionary Air Harry Potter

Yes, we’ve recommended Pictionary Air twice. This is because there are several variants available – whether you want an edition that’s easier for your kids or gives you prompts based on your favourite movie, there’s a Pictionary Air game for you.

Our top pick is Pictionary Air: Harry Potter. Drawing your image in the air looks an awful lot like waving a wand, so the theme and gameplay fit each other perfectly. Plus, sticking to the Potter theme gives you more varied and interesting prompts than simple everyday items.

Pictionary games - Pictionary Junior box

3. Pictionary Junior

While many versions of Pictionary offer extra prompts so kids can play with adults, Pictionary Junior is specifically designed with children in mind. Designed for players from six to eight years old (and above, of course), Pictionary Junior offers easy-to-read instructions, plenty of beginner-friendly prompts, and two challenge levels for a bit more variety.

Pictionary games - Drawing Without Dignity box and components

4. Drawing Without Dignity

With Pictionary for kids covered, let’s talk about adult Pictionary. Drawing Without Dignity is the drawing game’s answer to Cards Against Humanity, touting itself as a game that’s not for the easily offended. Prompts are suitably naughty, and the opposing team can even swoop in and steal a point by playing a Cock Block card when they know the answer.

As you can tell, this is one of those funny board games that are best brought out when the more sensitive members of your household are in bed. It’s also a contender for those who like drinking board games. We encourage you to drink responsibly, but we’ll admit genital jokes are much funnier when alcohol is involved.

Pictionary games - Pictionary Man box

5. Pictionary Man

Like Pictionary Air, Pictionary Man adds novelty and challenge to the original game by adding props. This time the prop is a small plastic person. Meet Pictionary Man – it’s good to get to know him now because you’ll be drawing all over his body before long.

The prompt you need to draw is hidden on the bottom of Pictionary Man’s foot. He’s also got a built-in timer, so he’ll be sure to let you know when to stop drawing. Pictionary Man also comes with a few more generic shapes to help convey your prompt.

If you’ve been asked to draw a footballer, you can kit Pictionary Man in uniform, draw a football, and mime him kicking it for maximum clue-giving. The first team to reach 15 points wins.

If none of these are painting the perfect picture for you, don’t panic- we’ve got a whole guide to the best party board games and family board games on offer, any of which might fit the bill.