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Premium Darkrai and Shaymin Pokémon card boxes are coming

The Pokémon TCG is getting two Walmart-exclusive products this November, one Shaymin VSTAR and one Darkrai VSTAR Premium Collection

Pokemon Trading card game shaymin VSTAR premium collection

The Pokémon Company has revealed two Walmart-exclusive products for the Pokémon TCG, one a floral bouquet and the other dark and nightmarish. The Shaymin VSTAR and Darkrai VSTAR Premium Collections will be sold exclusively from Walmart stores, and will be available from November 1, right after Black Friday. Each features an oversized foil display card of either Shaymin VSTAR or Darkrai VSTAR, as well as a bunch of Pokémon cards.

If your favourite legendary Pokémon is either Darkrai or Shaymin, you’re in luck with these collections. Along with eight Pokémon TCG booster packs, the Darkrai box includes a foil Darkrai V card and an etched foil copy of Darkrai VSTAR. As for what’s in the Shaymin VSTAR collection – yep you guessed it, it’s exactly the same as the Darkrai collection, simply swap out the word Darkrai for Shaymin.

Pokemon Trading card game shaymin darkrai premium collection

Each VSTAR Premium Collection also comes with a code that can be cashed in online at either Pokémon TCG Online or Pokémon TCG Live, along with a VSTAR marker.

Aside from the jumbo-sized display card, all cards in these boxes are reprints. But if you’re hankering for these cards, this could be a convenient way to get hold of them. Depending on the price of course, for which no details have been announced yet.

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