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Rare screaming Pikachu Pokémon card sells for $15,000

A valuable Pokémon card featuring a Pikachu in the style of the disturbing 'Scream' painting has sold at auction for an electrifying $15k.

Pokemon cards - A pikachu screaming while running from an Eevee.

A bizarre rare Pokémon card modelled on the unsettling Edvard Munch painting, ‘The Scream’, has just sold for a whopping $15,000. The card, which features a terrified Pikachu fleeing the silhouette of an Eevee, was a Sun and Moon promo card from 2018. This copy, graded at the highest possible Beckett Black Label rating of 10/Pristine, sold on May 21 for $15k on the PWCC website.

The Pikachu is the rarest card in a series that was originally created to celebrate an Edvard Munch exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. There are five cards in the series in total – starring Psyduck, Eevee, Rowlet, Pikachu, and Mimikyu – each one pursued by a different Pokémon. They’re only available in Japanese, and the Pikachu is the rarest one by far.

That’s because, according to news channel Ptcgradio, this card was far harder to get hold of in 2018 than its buddies. The Psyduck, Eevee, and Rowlet Scream cards were given out at Pokemon Centers in Japan, as promo cards for buying two booster packs. Meanwhile, Mimikyu was available from the Pokemon Center online store. But to get the Pikachu, you had to go to the museum exhibition itself, and only one copy was provided per person. That means there are far fewer copies of this card in circulation.

Still, this seems to be a shockingly high price for the Pikachu card. PSA gives an average price of $2132 for a PSA 10 Gem copy, and this one went for seven times that amount.

Pokemon cards - A Pikachu card modelled on the painting 'The Scream'

You might be surprised to learn that this sale doesn’t put the Edvard Munch Pikachu within range of our most expensive Pokémon cards guide. Yep, that’s right, $15k is chump change when it comes to ridiculously costly pocket monsters. Check out this 2005 Rayquaza that recently went for $38k, for instance!