Pokémon TCG drops prize packs with unique cards to be won in stores

The Pokémon TCG has launched prize packs to promote in-store events - each one comes with six cards, exclusive versions of the game's most popular 'mons

pokemon trading card game - a Play! Pokemon prize pack

To mark the return of in-store Pokémon TCG events, The Pokémon Company has released brand new ‘prize packs’, which game stores can use to reward the winners of local tournaments and other events.

These prize packs replace the Play! Pokémon promo cards that stores would previously give away. Each one holds six cards from a pool of “about 200” (the Pokémon website’s being coy about the exact number for some reason). Every card in the pack is a reprint of a card that’s legal in the Standard format, and each features a stamp with the Play! Pokémon logo.

According to The Pokémon Company’s announcement, the prize packs include fan-favourite Pokémon like Charizard VMAX and Pikachu VMAX; unique foil variants of “tournament-defining” cards such as Scoop up Net and Path to the Peak; exclusive non-foil versions of some of the most powerful Pokémon cards like Snorlax and Oranguru; and foil and non-foil versions of basic energy cards.

pokemon trading card game - a banner promoting the play pokemon prize packs, showing off some of the cards available.

While series one of the Play! Pokémon prize packs will only be available for a limited time, a new series will drop every six months. That means there’ll be new prize packs with a brand new card pool released every February and August, starting February 2023.