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Pokémon TCG shows off Silver Tempest’s newest V cards

The Pokémon Company shares card spoilers for its upcoming TCG expansion, Sword & Shield: Silver Tempest, including new V Pokémon cards

Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest spoilers revealed - art of Radiant Jirachi

With Sword & Shield: Silver Tempest’s November 11 release date looming on the horizon, The Pokémon Company has revealed some official card spoilers. A post on its website from October 12 shared five Pokémon TCG cards we can expect to see in the new expansion.

The Pokémon Company says there’ll be plenty of Pokémon VSTAR, Pokémon V, and “a single enormous Pokémon VMAX” in the new set. And while there’s no sign of that ginormous pocket monster just yet, there are three V cards in the new blog post. Serperior returns to the TCG for the first time since XY: Fates Collide as Serperior VSTAR; Regieleki VMAX brings big damage with its Thunder and Lightning ability; and Mawile V features some great art of one of Sword & Shield’s least friendly trainers, Bede.

One of this year’s earlier Pokémon TCG expansions also introduced Radiant Pokémon, and you can see a new one amongst these spoilers. Radiant Jirachi puts your opponent’s Pokémon in the hands of fate, letting you Knock Out an active enemy Pokémon if you flip two coins and they both land on heads.

Lastly, the spoilers introduce Archeops. This card’s Primal Turbo ability lets you search your deck for two special energy cards – and you can attach one to your Pokémon straight away.

Silver Tempest is the last TCG expansion in the Sword & Shield series, launching not long before the next Pokémon videogame, Scarlet & Violet, releases. While official spoilers are still far and few between, The Pokémon Company says there’ll be over 190 new cards in the expansion.

You can learn more about these spoilers on The Pokémon Company website. The new set promises plenty of Trainer Gallery artwork, so why not check out our Pokémon Trainer card guide? We’ve also got plenty to say about the best Pokémon cards of all time.