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Backers open wallets for 6: Siege board game’s extra costs

Fans who backed the Rainbow Six Siege board game on Kickstarter have paid up again, helping publisher Mythic Games cover unexpected production costs

Rainbow Six Siege the board game models by Mythic Games

Board game publisher Mythic Games has confirmed that the 6: Siege board game will go into production, thanks to extra cash contributions from fans who had already paid for the game via Kickstarter. Mythic Games requested extra cash to cover costs it attributes to COVID, the war in Ukraine, and similar global factors.

Mythic Games states “we’ve reached 151% of the amount needed, meaning that the 6: Siege board game is now entering its production phase” in a Kickstarter update on Wednesday. The update tells backers they “have until May 24th to make the extra contribution” and secure their copy, and provides information on how to make the payment, as well as options to request a refund.

Mythic Games first informed fans that the studio required extra cash to cover increased production costs in a Kickstarter update on March 9. A follow-up on April 30 explained that the cost would range from $39 to $129, depending on how big the customer’s initial Kickstarter pledge was. Customers were informed “if you are unwilling or unable to pay, you will not receive your game in October”.

Rainbow Six Siege the board game, gameplay photograph by Mythic Games

Similar additional costs hit backers of Mythic Studio’s Darkest Dungeon board game, which was likewise funded and has since been delivered to backers. Wargamer’s Matt Bassil is working on a review of the big box dungeon crawler as we speak. If you’ve received your copy, why not check out our guide to painting miniatures? Or if you requested a refund on 6: Siege, have a look at our lists of the best board games or best miniature wargames for ideas about where you could invest those funds.