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MTG-alike SolForge Fusion’s cards are stuck in a train station

SolForge Fusion - a new TCG from the creator of Magic: The Gathering - has delayed its release date because its entire stock is stuck in Minnesota

SolForge Fusion release date - Stone Blade Entertainment image showing the SolForge in its tower with dragons flying around

SolForge: Fusion, a new trading card game by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield and Ascension creator Justin Gary, has again delayed its official launch by another two weeks – to October 27 – because the game’s entire launch stock is still held up in a Saint Paul, Minnesota train station, the publisher has said.


“The containers full of SolForge Fusion products have been stuck in a train station in Saint Paul for over two weeks,” Solforge’s publisher Stone Blade Entertainment says in an email newsletter update sent out on Thursday.

“We cannot say for certain that the launch date will not need to move again,” Stone Blade admits, saying it understands the Saint Paul station is also home to “500 other containers waiting for chassis to move them”.

“We have spent every day searching for solutions, calling the station, and trying to find a way to move the product.

“Unfortunately, like many other companies in the same position, we have no control over how long this will take.”

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The original planned SolForge: Fusion release date (in North America at least) was September 22, but Stone Blade announced on September 20 it was pushing the launch back by two weeks due to shipping issues. With this second delay, we now have a bit more detail as to what those issues were.

Stone Blade says it’ll keep fans updated as soon as it has any news on when its products can ship out.

“We have hundreds of hobby stores around North America ready to support the game with organised play and lots of great exclusives that are en route to you,” the firm says in Thursday’s email statement.

SolForge Fusion release date - Stone Blade Entertainment image showing the SolForge Fusion player board and layout

First announced in July 2022, then shown off in the flesh at Gen Con tabletop games convention in Indianapolis in August, SolForge: Fusion is a “hybrid deck game” which functions in a similar way to MTG and other TCGs, but has you choose and mix two different decks before each game, and features three different ‘levels’ of every card you’ll play, which upgrade over the course of the game.