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You could get paid to play the new Star Wars Shatterpoint wargame

Star Wars Shatterpoint creator Atomic Mass Games is looking for paid playtesters to get to grips with the upcoming Star Wars wargame

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Jango fett miniature on terrain that looks like basalt column

Seen the trailer for the newly announced Stars Wars Shatterpoint miniatures game? Want a chance to get in on the action before it releases next Summer? Well Atomic Mass Games is looking for playtesters, so this could be your lucky day.

On Thursday, the company put out a call for playtesters via Twitter, with a form that hopefuls can fill out to show they’ve got what it takes. It says it’s looking for “skilled, thoughtful, and enthusiastic individuals to join the ranks of our external play test groups.”

Responding to a tweet asking about compensation, Atomic Mass Games has said this is a paid position, but pay will only be discussed with successful applicants. It also looks like working from home is an option – as the developer’s account says “folks can test from anywhere”.

Star Wars Shatterpoint - a poster about seeking playtesters

For a chance to become a Star Wars Shatterpoint playtester, you’ll need to fill out this form, which asks applicants three questions. You’ll have to write a battle report from a playtesting perspective, come up with drawbacks and advantages for a particular gameplay scenario, and give a mini review of your favourite movie.

On Twitter, Atomic Mass Games says it plans to keep the application open for the next few weeks, but stresses that “there’s a lot of interest” so if you’re one of those interested people, you’d better hurry-scurry!

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Star Wars Shatterpoint was announced earlier this week, on Wednesday November 9. It’s a Star Wars tabletop miniatures game inspired by 90s cartoons, with a focus on the setting’s hero and villain characters. It’s slated for release in June 2023.