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A new Star Wars trading card game is coming in 2024

Board game publisher Fantasy Flight Games dips its toes into the world of trading card games with the newly announced TCG, Star Wars: Unlimited.

Star Wars Unlimited announced - Fantasy Flight Games art of Luke, Leia, Han, and Darth Vader

A new Star Wars trading card game is on the horizon, as Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) announces Star Wars: Unlimited. The tabletop gaming publisher shared a press release on May 9 which promises “a fast-paced, dynamic game that is both easy to learn and strategically deep”. Fantasy Flight says to expect iconic characters, ships, and settings from all kinds of Star Wars media – including movies, TV, Star Wars comics, and videogames.

While we know very little about Star Wars: Unlimited at this stage, it’ll likely share the same DNA as other existing trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon TCG, and Disney Lorcana. Fantasy Flight Games is best known for closed card games (CCGs) like Arkham Horror: The Card Game, but it does have a history of publishing TCGs too. These never quite reached the heights of giants like MTG however: Fantasy Flight’s biggest TCG titles include Star Wars: Destiny and Keyforge, games that are now out of print or have been acquired by other companies.

According to Fantasy Flight, Star Wars: Unlimited has been in development for the past three years. It’s set to release sometime in 2024. The publisher currently promises “a regular release schedule of three sets per year”, as well as organised play that’ll range from “weekly store-level community experiences to worldwide large-scale events”.

Star Wars Unlimited announced - Logo and key art from Fantasy Flight Games

The press release hints at a few features that’ll be big priorities for Star Wars: Unlimited – approachability and highly collectible cards. Regarding the first, FFG product strategy director Jim Cartwright says: “Ensuring this game was accessible to all players was key for us, so whether you are a casual player, competitor, or collector, there’s something for everyone in this game”. “Straightforward mechanics are the driving force behind the design. It’s clean and concise with no gimmicks – a card game in its purest form.”

And as for collectability, Fantasy Flight promises “Star Wars fans and collectors alike will be able to experience the Star Wars galaxy in a whole new way, with never-before-seen, refreshing new art”. The publisher says it already has plans to release “alternate cards with special treatments and variant visual designs”.

Fantasy Flight has a long history with Star Wars board games. Previous publications include Star Wars: The Card Game, Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game, and Star Wars: Imperial Assault. It’s not the only publisher in the Star Wars spotlight right now, though, with a Star Wars Villainous expansion and Star Wars: Shatterpoint making recent headlines.