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Exclusive: Star Wars Unlimited Millennium Falcon card reveal

Wargamer can reveal two cards from the Star Wars Unlimited trading card game – the zippy Millennium Falcon and an add-on Smuggling Compartment.

Star Wars Unlimited cards, Smuggling Compartment and Millennium Falcon

It’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy –  and Star Wars Unlimited’s Millennium Falcon card is “one of the best cards for attacking” in the upcoming trading card game, Wargamer can exclusively reveal. Lead game designer Danny Schaefer calls the iconic spacecraft “one of my favorite cards in the whole set”.

And no wonder. The Falcon boasts some pretty powerful effects, and it gets even beefier when combined with a second Unlimited card Wargamer got the scoop on – Smuggling Compartment.

First, let’s talk about the Falcon. It’s a three-four space unit with a cost of three – which, according to Schaefer, is pretty cheap for the strength of its stats. The main draw of the card is “a very rare effect” it possesses where it enters play ready.

Star Wars Unlimited card, Millennium Falcon

“Only a couple of cards have this”, Schaefer tells Wargamer, “and it means you can attack right away the first time, which is awesome in pretty much any kind of deck”. With great power, however, comes a price.

“It’s a really powerful effect, but there’s a little bit of a drawback”, Schaefer says. “At the end of your regroup phase, when you ready your cards, you have to pay one or it comes back to your hand.”

“It’s kind of a tax to keep it in play”, he adds, “but the cool thing is that sometimes it can be an upside”. The example Schaefer gives is when the Millennium Falcon takes damage. If you return the card to your hand, it can be played again at full health on another turn.

Star Wars Unlimited card, Smuggling Compartment

Smuggling Compartment is an upgrade you can attach to your Falcon card, and it offers multiple benefits. “The cool thing here is it gives a plus one to each of its stats, but also on an attack, you can ready one of your resources”, Schaefer tells Wargamer. This, apparently, counteracts the cost of keeping the Falcon in play.

This is a highly thematic card in a trading card game that has heaps of source material to draw from. In fact, Schaefer already told Wargamer that any part of the canon might crop up in future cards.

The first Star Wars Unlimited set, Spark of Rebellion, will release on March 8, 2024. Until then, you can get your Star Wars fill with our guides to the best Star Wars board games, Star Wars comics, and Star Wars Lego sets.