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Humble Bundle packed with Vaesen and Forbidden Lands RPG books

This Humble RPG Bundle from Free League has eight Vaesen and Forbidden Lands books on offer - full of survival adventures and folkloric horror

Vaesen Humble Bundle Forbidden Lands front cover showing three adventurers and a character on a lizard beast.

Humble Bundle has a deal on a load of Free League RPG books right now. For just $18 / £14.55, you can snatch up eight Vaesen and Forbidden Lands books, as well as a card deck and map and cards pack for the latter title.

There are five books for the sandbox survival roleplaying game, Forbidden Lands in the bundle, including the core game; two campaign modules, The Bitter Reach and Raven’s Purge; and two collections containing four adventure sites each, The Spire of Quetzel and Crypt of the Mellified Mage.

Meanwhile, in the Nordic horror corner, you can pick up three titles: Vaesen, A Wicked Secret, and the expansion Vaesen: Mythic Britain and Ireland – check out our review to hear about its “intriguing setting” and “gorgeous” monster designs.

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If $18 is too much of an investment right now, you can instead lob in $10 to get the two Forbidden Lands adventure site books and the card pack. Or just $1 for the card pack alone (It goes for $20 on Free League’s own store).

All items are being sold as PDFs, and this Humble Bundle is supporting Direct Relief, a US charity which provides emergency medical care and disaster relief. It’s available for the next two weeks, until January 19.

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