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Warhammer 40k Kill Team missions include duels in the dark

Warhammer 40k Kill Team: Into the Dark lives up to its title, with missions that include fighting over light switches to grand or remove cover.

warhammer 40k kill team - kroot warriors fighting imperial navy breachers.

Games Workshop has revealed some snippets of the missions you’ll find in Kill Team: Into the Dark, the new Kill Team box set that sees your Warhammer 40k squads fighting for supremacy among the dilapidated space hulk Gallowdark. It seems the Imperial Navy breachers and Kroot warband will be scrapping over light switches and air tanks, while they wind through the tight, claustrophobic corridors of an abandoned spaceship.

Two missions from Kill Team: Into the Dark were teased in total, along with another two that feature in Kill Team: Annual 2022. In the mission Deadly Hangar, players can kill the lights (fitting given the set’s name) at ‘control panel ancient apparatus’ terrain features, to grant cover to operatives so they can cross an expansive room to collect energy cells. Looks like you can also turn them on, too, to catch your opponent’s squad out of position.

Meanwhile, in Airlocked, half your kill team is trapped just a tile away from the enemy, and you’ll have to choose between refilling your air tanks or blasting away.

Secure Strategic Gains and Final Transmission are two missions from Kill Team: Annual 2022 hinted at by WC on Tuesday. The first is a mission for four kill teams to tackle, and involves objectives you can move around and push closer to your drop zone. The latter is Kill Zone: Tower defence mode. The attacker has an endless supply of reinforcements, and the defender has to see how long they can hold out before their inevitable demise.

warhammer 40k kill team - rules for operating lights in kill team.

Kill Team: Into the Dark is up for pre-order this weekend, on Saturday, September 3. It features rules, dice, terrain, and the Kroot Farstalker Kinband and Imperial Navy Breachers kill teams, with 24 minis in total.