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Warhammer 40k Kill Team Annual 2022 revives two popular teams

Besides the Into The Dark box set, Kill Team is also getting a 2022 annual, with new rules for the Elucidian Starstriders and Gellerpox Infected

Warhammer 40k Kill Team Annual 2022 release - Warhammer Community photo showing the front cover art of the upcoming Kill Team Annual 2022

Sci-fi small-team tactics wargame Warhammer 40k: Kill Team is getting an additional rulebook this year – titled ‘Kill Team Annual 2022’ – including “full, up-to-date rules” for the Elucidian Starstriders and Gellerpox Infected teams that’ll be accompanied by “standalone sets”, publisher Games Workshop has said. These two distinctive sets of models came as part of the Kill Team: Rogue Trader box set, released in 2018 – but they’ve not been available outside of that box since, nor had playable rules in Kill Team since the game was revamped and relaunched with Kill Team: Octarius in 2021.

Announced in an article on GW’s Warhammer Community site on Friday, the Kill Team Annual 2022 reportedly also includes 15 brand new playable missions (in three sets), as well as reprinting the rules for four additional Kill Teams, previously only available in White Dwarf magazine. These are the Adeptus Mechanicus Hunter Clade; Thousand Sons Warpcoven; Genestealer Cults Wyrmblade; and Harlequins Void-dancers.

Friday’s article also confirms that the Chaos Space Marine Blooded and Space Marines ‘Phobos Strike Team’ models from the Kill Team: Moroch box set (released in May 2022) are also getting their own standalone boxed kits.

Warhammer 40k Kill Team Annual 2022 release - warhammer community photo showing the gellerpox infected and elucidian starstriders models

GW says the Kill Team Annual 2022 (and, presumably, the standalone kits for the Starstriders, Gellerpox, Phobos, and Blooded teams) are on the way “alongside” the upcoming Kill Team: Into The Dark box set (which – like 2018’s Rogue Trader set – depicts close-quarters fighting inside a spaceship in the void).

Sadly, though, we still get no hint of a pre-order or release date for either the Kill Team Annual 2022, nor the Into The Dark box set (though the heightening promotion of the latter on WarCom would suggest it’s due to drop in the next few weeks).