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Next 40k Kill Team box pits Votann against Genestealer Cults

Newly revealed Kill Team Termination will pit Genestealer Cults Brood Brothers, and their giant boss, against Leagues of Votann Yaegers.

Games Workshop has previewed two new Warhammer 40k Kill Teams, the Leagues of Votann Yaegers and the Genestealer Cults Brood Brothers, which will launch in the new Kill Team Termination box set. The news comes from a preview stream at Adepticon 2024 on Wednesday.

The new Leagues of Votann Hernkyn Yaegers are scouts and outriders for the rest of the Leagues: you may recognise their excellent, fleece-lined long coats from their grav-bike riding Pioneer brethren. The Yaegers are self-sufficient commandos capable of operating without support for long periods, perfect troops for Kill Team.

Warhammer 40k Kill Team Termination Leagues of Votann Yaegers - seven squat humanoids in long duffle coats wielding a variety of sturdy projectile weapons

On the tabletop, they can be set up deeper into the Kill Zone than other troops, reflecting their role as infiltrators. Likewise they’ll be able to booby trap the board with mines. They also have a pool of ‘Resourceful’ points which can be spent reactively to heal wounds and increase their action point limit.

They’ve also got unique operatives: a tracker with a crossbow and throwing axe we’re going to guess has the Silent trait, letting him attack while using a Conceal order; a bombast who can fire off shots before the turn starts; a sniper with a magnacoil rifle; and a Kin with an adaptive missile launcher, which just sounds like fun.

Warhammer 40k Kill Team Termination Genestealer Cults brood brothers - humanoid hybrids with ridged foreheads in military uniform, led by a sergeant holding a sword with a single mutated claw arm

The new Genestealer Cults miniatures are Brood Brothers; Astra Militarum troops that have been subverted to the Genestealer Cult cause. The kit in the Termination box set represent veterans and should be similar to the Veteran Guardsman Kill Team – assuming you don’t take some of their high-powered leaders.

The Brood Brothers have the option to bring the extremly powerful  Genestealer Broodlord, Primus cult leader, and Magus 40k psyker. These already have models, and they’ll come bundled in the Termination box set. These are so potent that taking them means ditching other models from your Kill Team, but they offer immense power: the Patriarch can activate twice per turn and even mind control an opposing fighter.

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Termination will also include two new Power Relay terrain pieces, as well as rules, cards, and tokens for the minis. While GW hasn’t revealed how these figures will work in Warhammer 40k, they’re sure to be playable in Kill Team’s big brother game.

This isn’t the only 40k news to come out of Adepticon 2024: check out the new Chaos Space Marine lords, who’ve finally found their stash of jump packs. There’s also more good news for fans of short and doughty warriors, as GW has revealed new and returning models for Warhammer the Old World Dwarfs.