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Warhammer Necromunda Ash Wastes pre-orders begin this week

Necromunda: Ash Wastes, a new boxed set for the Warhammer 40k spin-off game, will be available for pre-order from Saturday, April 30

Warhammer 40k Necromunda Ash Wastes boxed set and map

While particles of Warhammer 40k: Necromunda news floated in over the past few months like hints of a desert storm, the flurry has finally taken shape. Necromunda: Ash Wastes, the next box in the campaign-based Warhammer 40k spinoff, will be available for pre-order from April 30 – this coming Saturday. Games Workshop revealed the full contents of the Ash Wastes boxed set over at Warhammer Community on Sunday, and we’ve included pictures below.

The reveal post claims the set “gives you a completely new high-speed way to play as you fight for domination in the open desert”. The box includes two complete gangs – first, there are ten Orlocks and two Outrider Quads; then there’s the brand-new Ash Wastes Nomad gang. When we saw the first Ash Wastes models reveal back in March, we weren’t sure how many would be included in the full set – but we can now expect ten of these dusty raiders, as well as four Dustback Helamite riders. Who hasn’t wanted to ride through the desert wastes atop a giant bug, after all?

The announcement also includes another look at the multi-layered terrain, gang tactics cards, and map of the Western Hemisphere of Necromunda you can expect to find in the Ash Wastes boxed set. “The box includes everything else you need to play Necromunda”, GW adds. “There are tokens, cards, dice, templates, a playing mat, and an updated rule book – which features all of the basic rules for the game (indoor and outdoor) as well as new rules for mounted fighters and vehicles.”

When it comes to rules for the Ash Waste Nomads, GW continues to keep its secrets close. The only hint in this week’s Sunday preview post is that “the Ash Wastes Nomads strike without warning, slipping back into the dunes before there’s any chance of reprisal”. The box also promises “unseen esoteric weaponry”, so you can expect to wield blast rifles, charge casters, and chain lances on the battlefield.

The Dustback Helamite Riders also have options for chain lances, blast rifles, blast pistols, and long rifles. GW also claims these bug steeds offer “incredible hit-and-run options” in the way of gameplay. We know from previous GW announcements that the Dustback Helamites count as wargear, and they provide the Mounted condition to riders, along with 8” of movement and the Mighty Leap skill.

The Mounted condition also means these beasties can use ‘Ride By’ – where a Mounted fighter moving within 1” of an enemy during its movement, and wielding a Long Range weapon with the Versatile trait, can interrupt the enemy’s movement with a single close combat attack. However, the model targeted can make a Reaction attack, and if your fighter is hit, the distance they moved during this activation determines the strength of the hit they take. Dustback Helamite Riders do have one extra advantage though – the Long Range characteristic of chain lances is 2”, so you can perform a Ride By from 2” instead of just one.

Equally little has been said about the rules for the Orlock Outrider Quad. What we do know from GW is that they’re designed to transport Orlocks equipped with heavy weapons – either a harpoon launcher or heavy bolter. We also know that the Orlocks are getting an upgrade from Forge World, with new, alternate heads and survival packs allowing further customisation ready for when the new box drops.

Since Necromunda: Ash Wastes was first teased at the Las Vegas Open in January 2022, there have been plenty of other announcements leading up to the box’s pre-order. The Cargo 8 Ridgehauler was revealed earlier in April, but this armoured truck miniature was absent from Sunday’s post – so it’s unclear whether this will be included in the Ash Wastes boxed set or sold separately.

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