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GW reveals appalling new Warhammer 40k Christmas socks

If you want a visually offensive Christmas present for the Warhammer hobbyist in your life, these dreadful socks are what you need.

Warhammer 40k Christmas socks - a green set of socks with a goblin face, a red pair of socks with a massive 'squig' grin

Games Workshop has revealed its latest Warhammer 40k Christmas novelties, two unique pairs of socks with embroidered patches featuring the leering face of either a goblin or a squig (a walking ball of teeth). Revealed on Sunday, you will be able to buy these foot-warming monstrosities from the Warhammer webstore and “selected” stores from November 25.

Conservative pundits might talk about the war on Christmas, but these socks are part of the Warhammer on Christmas: Games Workshop’s growing range of seasonal novelties. Whatever Warhammer 40k faction you collect, there’s a corresponding piece of Christmas paraphernalia for you.

Warhammer 40k Christmas items -red and black scarf, set of three pin badges in a black case

Revealed in the same Warhammer Community post as the goblin socks, Games Workshop is also launching a paired hat and scarf set covered in sigils of allegiance to the Warhammer 40k chaos gods. The target audience is presumably a Chaos Space Marine who wants to feel all snuggy and warm while wearing “the eight-pointed star of Chaos Undivided, the Eye of Horus, and a bunch of skulls for good measure”.

There’s also a set of Christmas pins, featuring designs of Da Red Gobbo, a gingerbread goblin, and his reindeer-squig Bounca. Da Red Gobbo was originally a special character from the spin-off wargame Gorkamorka, but has become a Christmas mascot for Games Workshop, receiving a new special edition Christmas mini this year.

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The latest wave of Christmas paraphernalia joins a full range of licensed Warhammer 40k Christmas sweaters, Chaos and Imperial Christmas stockings, and Red Gobbo Christmas T-shirts.

Then there’s the range of Warhammer 40k scented candles, which – while technically not Christmas merchandise – we have to imagine are only ever bought by bewildered relatives looking for stocking fillers.

We might have presented ourselves as aloof in this article, but rest assured, we absolutely are not. The author has a very warm Ork Christmas sweater at home, just waiting for the season to strike so he can crack it out and wear it. Several members of the team are deliberating how many obese dragon Christmas ornaments we can afford – see our article about the Themberchaud tree ornament to learn more about this delightfully kitsch bauble.