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Flesh Hounds fleshed out for next Warhammer 40k codex

Warhammer 40k Codex: Chaos Daemons includes new and updated abilities for Khorne’s Flesh Hounds and Skulltaker, Warhammer Community reveals

Warhammer 40k codex updates Khorne day - an army of Khorne daemons miniatures

It’s August 8, which means one thing for Warhammer 40k fans – blood for the blood God, and skulls for the skull throne. While you were busy looking for a worthy sacrifice to give Khorne on his special day, Games Workshop (GW) has revealed further rule changes in the upcoming Codex: Chaos Daemons. The daemonic doggie Flesh Hounds are getting several tweaks, and the Sacred Executioner Skulltaker will see a few updates of his own.

Let’s talk Flesh Hounds first. According to the Warhammer Community post on Monday, these daemons will have “faster Movement, more Strength, and an extra Attack” in the new codex. Their movement will be 12 inches rather than ten, and their Strength will go from four to five. So far, so ‘not too shabby’.

They now get three Attacks instead of two, and it seems their Saves have been tweaked to show off that new-fangled Daemonic Invulnerability – a concept GW explained in a previous post on August 5. Daemons now get two unmodifiable saves, one melee and one ranged, for the price of one.

Flesh Hounds also benefit from the new Savage Pounce ability. “Each time a model in this unit makes an attack with its gore-drenched fangs”, says GW, “if that model’s unit made a charge move or performed a Heroic Intervention this turn, add one to that attack’s Damage characteristic”.

Skulltaker also has some new abilities to show off for Khorne day. An updated version of the Skulls for Khorne ability means you can re-roll the hit roll and wound roll every time Skulltaker makes a melee attack against an enemy character unit. With rerolls opportunities no longer confined to failed rolls, Skulltaker might consider pushing his luck to do some extra damage.

Skulltaker’s Lord of Decapitations ability has also seen some changes, but not all of them necessarily work in Khorne’s favour. Where Skulltaker could previously add one to hit rolls made by fellow Bloodletter units within eight inches, he can now only choose one unit during his Command phase to boost – and they must be within six inches of Skulltaker. The unit gets that plus one for every melee attack until the next Command phase, at least.

A final Khorne day change has come for the Frenetic Bloodlust stratagem. “Usable in either player’s Fight phase,” GW says, “this slavering surge lets you aggressively move a Bloodletters Core unit towards the nearest opponent – dashing onto an objective, cutting off an avenue of retreat, or just closing the distance for next turn’s charge”.

Find the official GW article through the link provided.

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