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GW will pay you to beautify its Warhammer 40k books

Warhammer 40k creator Games Workshop is hiring a graphic designer to prettify its books and packaging, working on design and layout with its production team

Warhammer 40k artwork showing an eldar warrior walking through a webway portal

Do you do a top-notch Photoshop job? Is your talent for graphic design ever so fine? Then, if you’re also a massive Warhammer 40k buff, you may be interested to learn that the game’s creator Games Workshop is currently hiring for a graphic designer to work on books, packaging, and “supporting material” for the full 40k range. You’ll have to get your skates on though – the role is only going to be open for one more week.

Working from GW’s Nottingham-based Warhammer World site in the UK, the successful applicant will be tackling “design and layout” of Warhammer 40k books and packaging, and work on the whole design process from “initial concept stage” right the way down to “preparing files for print”.

The ad, posted to Games Workshop’s job site, suggests the ideal candidate will be able to take on board feedback and give constructive criticism to others, as they’ll be working with a whole range of people: “photographers, artists, writers, editors and the wider production team”. They’ll also be able to “problem-solve in a fast-paced creative environment”.

Warhammer 40k artwork showing imperial ships in a battle at the eye of terror

You’ll need more than a passing familiarity with the Adobe suite, as “excellent skills” in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are required. It’s no good just bluffing though, as alongside the CV, you’ll need to include a portfolio of your previous design work.

No details on compensation are given – as always seems to be the way nowadays – but the job ad does tout Games Workshop’s company benefits. These include 25 days off per year (as well as the eight UK public holidays); a profit share bonus (this year GW staff got a total of $12m split evenly), employer matching pension contributions up to 7.5%, and a sizeable discount on Warhammer stuff.

You can apply to the role through GW’s job ad, but will need to get your application through the door before Wednesday, October 5. Alternatively, the company’s also looking for trainees to design or paint minis, if that’s more your style. And an art manager, for that matter – it’s all go at Games Workshop!

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