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Kitty helps his human make a Warhammer 40k gaming board

Bald kitty cat Bonya has been adding some high-intensity weathering to a Warhammer 40k gaming board that his dad Minimarauder is building.

Bonya, a hairless sphynx cat belonging to professional miniature painter Michael Leithwood (aka Minimarauder), has been helping his cat dad to build a new Warhammer 40k gaming board. Minimarauder shared an Instagram video on July 8 of Bonya using his claws to diligently add texture to the work-in-progress terrain board.

While we shudder to think what Bonya’s claws would do to the surface of a premium gaming table, his high-impact scritching is weathering up this high-density extruded polystyrene beautifully. It’s one of four sections of a Warhammer 40k board, which Leithwood says will be an “arid landscape with rocky cliffs and sandy dunes littered with battlefield features”.


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You can see more videos of Bonya on Leithwood’s Minimarauder Instagram account, not to mention his high quality miniature painting. Recently he’s posted some particularly stunning non-metallic-metal Space Marines, plus a very cute video of Bonya vocally exploring a shopping bag from the Warhammer store.

Despite all the horrendous aliens and ancient horrors among the Warhammer 40k factions, the most daunting sight a plastic Astra Militarum general will ever see across the battlefield is Felis Catus, the domestic cat. Taller than an Imperial Knight, as capricious as the Eldar, their mighty claws have sent many a battle tank or combat patrol of infantry hurtling to the floor.

Bonya’s positive contribution to the wargaming hobby does a lot to clear his species name. This could be the most wholesome bit of Warhammer 40k news we’ve reported since that audio drama about an Ogryn who loves his mum.