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The new Warhammer 40k gaming chair has an actual purity seal

A new Warhammer 40,000 variant of the Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair comes in Ultramarines blue, sanctified against the taint of Chaos.

Split shot of the SecretLabs TitanEvo Warhammer40k Gaming Chair, with a closeup of a red purity seal attached to the surface

The new Secretlab Titan Evo Warhammer 40k gaming chair is big, brash, and blessed by the Emperor. Revealed during Games Workshop’s ‘Skulls’ showcase of licensed Warhammer videogames on Thursday, the new ‘Warhammer 40,000 Ultramarines edition’ variant of this premium computer chair is Ultramarines blue, bedecked with Imperial insignia, and sanctified by a unique purity seal accessory.

This is the second licensed Warhammer 40k gaming chair in as many years, following the (now discontinued) Noble Chairs HERO Warhammer 40,000 edition. Compared to the inescapably Ultramarines-branded new Titan Evo, Noble Chairs put out a relatively restrained design with the simple golden aquila insignia of the Imperium of Man in the centre of the chair back.

Warhammer 40k gaming chair, the SecretLab Titan Evo Warhammer 40,000 ultramarines edition, a sturdy blue desk chair with gold accents and iconography including a stylised eagle and an inverted Omega

The Titan Evo takes the Space Marine approach to color schemes – it’s bright blue and plastered with iconography, including a Macraggian Aquila, the white Ultima of the Ultramarines framed by gold laurels, and of course that purity seal accessory. Using the magic of ‘zooming in on the image until we squint’, we can decipher the text on the seal, revealing a classic litany of devotion:

“We are the Ultramarines
the Sons of Guilliman
Whilst we draw breath, we stand
Whilst we stand, we fight
Whilst we fight, we prevail
Nothing shall stay our wrath.
Wear the mantle of hero
Inspire where you can
But remember always that we are angels of death
Not of mercy or salvation.
The war we fight is greater
than any single battle
and true mercy for the
Emperor’s realm comes
at the cost of countless lives.”

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The Titan Evo costs from $549 USD / £419 GBP for a regular sized model. Our sister site PCGamesN rates the 2022 version of the Titan Evo as one of the best gaming chairs on the market – check out their  Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 League of Legends edition review to learn more about the core features.

Ultramarines are the most prominent Space Marine chapter and front and centre of marketing for Warhammer 40k. If this is the only Warhammer 40k chair that Secretlab puts out, it makes sense it’s for the poster boys.

A man sits in a blue Warhammer 40k gaming chair building miniatures at a hobby desk

But the fact that this is an Ultramarines chair specifically opens up the possibility for future designs based on other Warhammer 40k factions. Though not all of them are equally appealling. A Death Guard chair is surely asking for trouble with coffee spills and cheeto crumbs, a Tyranids chair wouldn’t be authentic unless it was unsettlingly moist, and a Leagues of Votann chair can’t be good for your back…

The Skulls showcase also saw the reveal of lots of great new Warhammer 40k games on PC and console, too, so if you do pick up this gaming throne you’ll have plenty of use for it. We’re particularly hyped for the newly revealed Space Marine 2 PVP multiplayer mode, and the unexpected announcement of Mechanicus 2.