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Games Workshop will pay you to draw Warhammer 40k full time

Games Workshop is advertising for a new Citadel Illustrator to work on Warhammer 40k, plus an Art Manager who will lead a whole team of 40k artists.

Warhammer 40k illustrator job - illustration by Games Workshop of a duel between Aeldari banshees and Drukhari incubi

Attention Warhammer 40k fan artists: Games Workshop is hiring a new full-time Warhammer 40k illustrator. The role is currently advertised on the Games Workshop jobs website, along with a listing for a new Art Manager who will oversee the whole art and design team for Warhammer 40k.

The Citadel Illustrator will be “responsible for helping to develop briefs, create concepts and produce finished detailed, fantastical illustrations for a variety of different print formats” for Warhammer 40k, according to the job listing. That will include creating the artwork for new Warhammer 40k codexes and box sets, bringing the many Warhammer 40k factions to life.

Candidates will need to be skilled at figure drawing and painting, according to the job listing, which adds that the team works “predominantly in digital media, most commonly Photoshop”.

Warhammer 40k illustrator job - illustration of Carcharadron Astra Space Marines in grey relic armour wielding a huge chain axe

The Art Manager role is a brand new post that will lead GW’s in-house Warhammer 40k illustration team, as well as coordinating with freelancers. According to the job listing, Games Workshop is looking for “an experienced creative leader used to managing high performing art or design teams” for the role.

Both roles will be based in Games Workshop’s head offices at Warhammer World, in Nottingham UK. You have until May 28 to submit an application. Neither listing provides salary details.

Don’t be put off applying if you’ve never had a professional job as an illustrator. During our interview with former Warhammer TV presenter Louise Sugden, she explained how she began her career with Games Workshop as a Forge World illustrator straight out of university. The new map of Warhammer: The Old World was one of her very first projects.